Recent Press Releases

CODEPINK Condemns President’s Decision to Send 1,500 More Troops To Iraq: Calls for an End to Funding War
November 7, 2014

Online shopping site GILT, with over nine million members, drops Ahava cosmetics made in an illegal Israeli settlement in the Occupied West Bank from its roster of products
28 October, 2014

CODEPINK Protest Against Drones at DC Air and Space Museum as Part of International Day of Action on October 4th

CODEPINK and Human Rights Activists to Protest Netanyahu Outside White House During His Visit with President Obama

CODEPINK Activists Strongly Oppose US Strikes on Syria

CODEPINK Holds Candlelight Vigil for Peace; Calls on Obama to Return his Nobel Peace Prize

CODEPINK Disrupts Speech of Israeli Foreign Affair Minister Avigdor Lieberman

CODEPINK to Stage Protest at White House During President’s Speech Outlining Military Strategy in Iraq

CODEPINK Activists Stage Sit-In In Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Office, Call on Her to Support Palestinian Human Rights

Rally at the Justice Department for Mike Brown and Against Police Brutality and Militarization

DC-Area Residents Accept Gaza Rubble Bucket Challenge

Rally at the Justice Department for Mike Brown and Against Police Brutality and Militarization
August 22, 2014

CODEPINK to Join Memorial at Franklin Square Commemorating Anniversary of Egypt’s Rab’a Massacre
August 13, 2014

CODEPINK to Join Massive Rally at the White House Condemning Israeli Massacre in Gaza

Civil Liberties Advocates and Government Whistleblowers Call for Immediate Resignation of CIA Director John Brennan

Activists Hold Vigil For Gaza at Secretary of State John Kerry’s DC Home; Call for Secretary to Stand Up to Netanyahu

CODEPINK Activists Rally Outside of Senator Hagan’s Office in Asheville, Call for End to Senator’s Support for Israeli Assault on Gaza

CODEPINK Projects Photos of Carnage from Israeli Military Attack on Gaza on Walls of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Office in Washington DC

Jewish Voice for Peace & CODEPINK Hold Israel Accountable for Gaza Deaths: Disrupt Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer at Christians United for Israel (CUFI) “Night to Honor Israel” in Washington DC
July 21, 2014

CODEPINK Protests the Cheneys
Press Coverage

Marking One Year Anniversary of Egyptian Coup, Activists Protest Outside of US Senate on July 9, Call for End to US Support for Sisi Government

CODEPINK Activists Stage Demonstration at the Egyptian Defense Office to protest Unjust Sentencing of Three Al Jazeera Journalists and 183 Egyptians Sentenced to Death; Call for an End to US Military Aid to Egypt

Father's Day Fundraiser for CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou's family Hosted by CODEPINK and FireDogLake, Friday from 7-9 pm in DC

US Veterans Speak out in Support of Return of Sergeant Bergdahl Press Conference followed by rally at White House

Press Conference on behalf of imprisoned Qatari poet, Mohammed al-Ajami

CODEPINK’s Medea Benjamin Available for Interview One Year after her Intervention during Obama’s National Security Speech Gitmo Demonstrations will take place globally on Friday, May 23

Activists Rally to Close Guantanamo and End Indefinite Detention as Part of Global Day of Action — Protests in 40+ Cities Worldwide

Mother's Day: Iraqi Mothers Share Messages of Pain and Sorrow
CODEPINK Reaches Out to Iraqi Mothers This Mother's Day

Leverett Drone Resolution: Number Six and Counting…
May 7th, 2014

Protest at State Department to Release Egyptian-American Mohamed Soltan and Stop US Military Aid to Egypt

Activists Stage Dramatic Simulation of Drone Strike on Yemen Wedding in Front of White House

CODEPINK To Launch Campaign to Regulate Drones in Community Airspace
April 29th, 2014

نشطاء ينظمون وقفة إحتجاجية خارج السفارة المصرية للمطالبة بإطلاق سراح محمد سلطان المواطن المصري الأمريكي المضرب عن الطعام في معتقل مصري

Activists Stage Action at Egyptian Embassy to Call for Release of Mohamed Soltan, Egyptian-American on Hunger Strike in Egyptian Prison

Activists Protest Egyptian Minister of FInance outside Chamber of Commerce; Say “No Business with Egyptian Junta”

Protest at DC Egyptian Embassy Condemning Death Sentence For 529 Egyptians

Remembering Iraq 11 Years Later: Then and Now!
March 13th, 2014
Panel Discussion Aims To Drive Awareness of Historic Lawsuit Challenging Bush Era War Crimes - CODEPINK Press Release

CODEPINK Activists Visit Senator Dianne Feinstein’s DC Office to Expose her Two-Faced Stance on Spying

US Peace Activist Assaulted by Egyptian Authorities, US Embassy in Cairo Fails to Provide Assistance, State Department Covers Up

CODEPINK Stages Protest at Egyptian Embassy in DC in Response to Detention, Beating, and Deportation of CODEPINK Co-founder Medea Benjamin

Dozens of American and French Women Headed to Gaza for International Women’s Day Detained in Cairo Airport, Accused of Being Security Threat

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Deported from Egypt While en Route to Gaza with Women’s Delegation, No Explanation Given

CODEPINK Co-founder Medea Benjamin Detained, Brutally Attacked and Deported from Egypt en route to Gaza with International Delegation of Women

Activists Protest Outside AIPAC: Call for Palestinian Rights and No War on Iran

AIPAC Threatens to Sue CODEPINK Over Controversial Video Clip

Internet Activists To Drop Banner at RSA Security Conference
February 25th, 2014
RSA Security Firm Takes Millions from the NSA - CODEPINK Press Release

Activists to Stage Protest Outside of Annual Israel Lobby Conference, Demand an End to AIPAC’s Dangerous Foreign Policies

CODEPINK, Activists Dance Across the Golden Gate Bridge for One Billion Rising on Valentine’s Day!
February 14th, 2014

Activists Stage Photo Opp in front of Pakistani Embassy Today, Demand Drone Victim Kareem Khan be Freed

CODEPINK To Surveil and Monitor Senator Dianne Feinstein's San Francisco Mansion
February 9th, 2014

Johansson Chooses SodaStream over Oxfam; CODEPINK and Other Human Rights Groups Hail Victory for Boycott Movement

CODEPINK Demonstration In Geneva at Syrian Peace Talks Calls for Immediate Ceasefire and Women at the Peace Table

Women’s Demonstration In Montreux during Syrian Peace Talks; Demand Ceasefire Immediately and Women at the Peace Table

Women’s Demonstration on Mont-Blanc Bridge to Launch Global Campaign Women Lead to Peace Calling for Peace in Syria; Film Night to Follow

CODEPINK to Stage Protest Outside of President’s NSA Reform Speech

CODEPINK Joins Human Rights Groups at White House On 12th Anniversary of Guantanamo Bay Prison to Demand its Closure

Miami Protest at U.S. Southern Command to Demand Guantanamo Bay be Closed

Campagne mondiale “Les femmes ouvrent la voie de la paix” lancée pour la venue de centaines de femmes pour les négociations de paix en Syrie Appel à un cessez-le-feu, un large accès à l’aide humanitaire et des femmes à la table des négociations.

حملة عالمية “مبادرة نسائية للسلام” أطلقت الحملة لجمع مئات النساء لمحادثات السلام السورية في سويسرا

Global Campaign “Women Lead to Peace” Launched to Bring Hundreds of Women to Syrian Peace Talks in Switzerland Call for ceasefire, humanitarian aid and women at the peace table

"BAN WEAPONIZED DRONES" Anti-drone movement spreads in Europe

CODEPINK STRONGLY CONDEMNS KILLING OF 15 CIVILIANS FROM US DRONE STRIKE IN YEMEN TODAY Calls on President Obama to apologize and pledge to end strikes

Emergency Protest at Algerian Embassy in DC for Cleared Gitmo Prisoner Forced Back to Algeria, Now Detained

Terminübersicht – Friedensaktivistin Medea Benjamin auf Deutschlandbesuch
December 4, 2013

Terminübersicht – Friedensaktivistin Medea Benjamin auf Deutschlandbesuch
December 4, 2013

Yemeni in US Seeking Answers to Drone Strike Gets Silence
November 23rd, 2013
CODEPINK Press Release

Activists Target Obama’s Drone Policy at San Francisco Fundraising Event
November 21, 2013

Congressional Briefing Featuring Drone Strike Victim From Yemen
November 18, 2013

Invitation to Congress
November 18, 2013

DC Global Drone Summit: Momentum Building Against Killer and Spy Drones
November 12, 2013

Human Rights Groups Condemn Obama’s Nomination for DHS Secretary, Jeh Johnson; Urge Senate Homeland Security Committee to Reject Johnson
November 8, 2013

CODEPINK Hosts DC Global Drone Summit, Nov 16-17; Gathering will feature representatives from Europe, Asia, the Middle East
October 23, 2013

Harper Government Ignores Torture Opponents’ Call to Ban Dick Cheney from Canada or Prosecute Him
October 16, 2013

UPDATE: CODEPINK Shames Republican Into Cancelling Fundraiser on Day of Government Shutdown; Instead Will Shine “FIRE CONGRESS” Sign in front of Capitol Building
October 1, 2013

CODEPINK To Crash Lavish Republican Fundraiser on Day of Government Shutdown
September 30, 2013

Torture Opponents Say Ban Dick Cheney from Canada or Arrest and Prosecute Him

CODEPINK Urges US Ambassador Samantha Power to Promote Syria Peace Process; Hosts Delegation of Syrian Women in DC on Thursday, Sept 19

CODEPINK Joins the 2nd Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations
September 17, 2013

Peace Movement Rejuvenated by Successfully Avoiding War on Syria; Will build on momentum to change policy on drone warfare and Guantanamo

CODEPINK Activists Demand No War on Syria Outside White House As Obama Delivers Speech

CODEPINK Activists Host Candlelight Vigil in DC to Oppose US Strike on Syria

CODEPINK Activists in High Gear Pressuring Congress to Reject Attack on Syria

CODEPINK Activists Stage Encampment Outside of Congress, Call for No War on Syria



CODEPINK Activists Stage Creative Protest Outside Annual Drone Lobby Conference

CODEPINK to Screen ‘5 Broken Cameras’ on AIPAC HQ Building as Israel-Palestine Peace Talks Resume

Americans Thank Latin American Countries for Offering Asylum to Whistleblower Edward Snowden, Say to Justice Department: Stop Illegal NSA Spying and Hands Off Edward Snowden


CODEPINK Hosts Coast-to-coast Rallies to Demand Closure of Guantanamo Prison Camp

Starving for Justice: CODEPINK, US Hunger Strikers, and Human Rights Activists Rally at White House to Demand Closure of Guantanamo Prison Camp

US Peace Delegation in Yemen and Families of Guantanamo Prisoners hold vigil at US Embassy demanding release

وفد السلام "كود بينك" يتوجه إلى اليمن للقاء ضحايا الغارات الجوية الامريكيه وعائلات سجناء غوانتنامو
6 2013 يونيو

CODEPINK Peace Delegation to Yemen to Meet with Drone Strike Victims, Families of Guantanamo Prisoners

CODEPINK to Stage Creative Action on the Eve Of WikiLeaks Whistleblower Bradley Manning's Court Martial


Obama Speaks On Drones & Gitmo: CODEPINK Speaks Back!

100 Day Guantanamo Hunger Strike Press Conference at National Press Club Thursday, May 16, 10am

100 Day Guantanamo Hunger Strike Press Conference at National Press Club Thursday, May 16, 10am

CODEPINK Stages Bold Action in front of the White House, Demands Justice for Guantanamo Prisoners

CODEPINK Launches Global Hunger Strike and Vigils Calling for Justice for Prisoners at Guantanamo

Wrong Bush Arrested at Bush Library Opening in Dallas

CODEPINK Thunderclap Jams Bush Center’s Social Media Attempts to Whitewash Bush Administration’s Crimes: Timed to Coincide with Library Dedication Ceremony

Dallas Morning News Rejects CODEPINK Ad Submission Criticizing Bush; Activists Plan Day of Actions

Southern Methodist University Security Issues Citations to Peaceful Demonstrators at George W. Bush Library

CODEPINK Kicks off Week of Protests with Coalition Press Conference and Actions at Southern Methodist University
April 21st, 2013

CODEPINK and Allies Converge in Dallas for a Week of Protesting the new George W. Bush Library & Policy Center
April 18, 2013

At Senate Hearing, Drone Lobbyist Says Drone Too “Hostile” A Word: CODEPINK peace activist arrested for talking to lobbyist
March 20, 2013

CODEPINK and Others Deliver Thanks to Rand Paul’s Office for Filibuster on Drones, Will also visit offices of Democrats to Object to Brennan as head of CIA
March 6, 2013

CODEPINK Outraged Over Brennan Confirmation, Activists Press for Public Hearings and Access to Legal Opinions
CODEPINK speaks out about the need for public access to information regarding targeted killings and denounces the decision by the Intelligence Committee to confirm key architect of the drone program, John Brennan, as CIA Director.

Sat Feb 23 Bradley Manning rally Portland noon "1,000 days without trial"
February 21, 2013

Disgruntled Heiress teams up with CODEPINK to throw posh prison send-off for CIA Torture Whistleblower John Kiriakou
February 20, 2013

CODEPINK and other activists arrested during Confirmation Hearing as they call on Senate to Reject Brennan as head of the CIA
February 7th, 2013
CODEPINK Press Release

Press Conference: Faith-based, human rights and ex-military leaders speak out against John Brennan to head CIA
February 1st, 2013
CODEPINK Press Release

January 24th, 2013
CODEPINK Press Release

January 22nd, 2013
BREAKS THE CHAINS OF VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND GIRLS January 26, 2013 to be the biggest flash mob in the San Francisco Bay Area in support of V-Day’s One Billion Rising Campaign

CODEPINK Calls for an for an End to Drones at Commander-in-Chief Ball
January 21, 2013

CODEPINK Calls for End to Drone and Gun Violence at Inaugural Events
January 18, 2013

CODEPINK Hosts Vigil for Innocent Drone Victims at Virginia Home of CIA Director Nominee John Brennan
January 15, 2013

Protest at White House Against John Brennan as Head of CIA
January 7th, 2013
CODEPINK Press Release

Gun Control Advocates Protest at DC-Area Gun Show
December 27th, 2012
CODEPINK Press Release

CODEPINK Protesters Unfurl Banners “NRA KILLING OUR KIDS” and “NRA BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS” at first NRA Press Conference after Newtown Shooting
December 21st, 2012
CODEPINK Press Release

Poets Gather at Qatar Embassy in DC to Demand Release of Jailed Poet
December 18th, 2012
CODEPINK Press Release

Gun Control advocates tell Senator Harry Reid: It’s time for leadership;It’s time to stand up to the NRA!
CODEPINK Press Release

Americans on Cayman Islands Protest US Corporate Tax Evaders
December 13th, 2012
CODEPINK Press Release

Emergency Delegation to Gaza Winds Up Week of Witness to War’s Devastation, Gazans’ Resilience
December 6th, 2012
CODEPINK Press Release

Demonstration in Solidarity with Gaza Fishermen on Wednesday
December 5th, 2012
CODEPINK Press Releass

Emergency Delegation Enters Gaza
November 27th, 2012
CODEPINK Press Release

CODEPINK Group Travels to Gaza to Bring Aid and Witness Devastation From Israeli Assault
November 23rd, 2012
CODEPINK Press Release

At White House and then Congress, CODEPINK Deflates the Pentagon Budget: Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary with Lively Demonstration Calling for Implementation of People’s Peace Platform
November 12, 2012

CODEPINK Responds to President Obama’s Reelection: Calls for Implementation of People’s Peace Platform
November 9th, 2012
CODEPINK Press Release

American delegation will fast in Islamabad to atone for U.S. drone strikes
October 8, 2012

CODEPINK Anti-Drone Delegation Brings Message of Solidarity to Tribal Areas in Pakistan Off-Limits to Foreigners for a Decade
October 7, 2012

CODEPINK Joins Pakistani March to Waziristan to Protest US Drones
October 5th, 2012

CODEPINK Peace Delegation now in Pakistan, Meeting with Victims of Obama’s Drone Strikes
October 2, 2012

US Peace Delegation Travels to Pakistan 
to Protest Drone Strikes; Press Conference Thursday, September 27th, 10 am at White House Americans say: "We want peace with the Muslim world"
September 25th, 2012
CODEPINK Press Release

Hundreds Create Heart-Shaped Flash Mob With Meditation and Yoga on International Day of Peace in San Francisco
September 21st, 2012
CODEPINK Press Release

Flash Mob Meditation on International Day of Peace in San Francisco Synchronized with 100+ Cities around the world
September 20th, 2012
CODEPINK Press Release

CODEPINK Protests Killer Drones and Government Secrecy at DC Appeals Court: Supports ACLU in Case Against CIA’s Targeted Killing
September 19, 2012

Two Women Wrongfully Arrested for Standing on Sidewalk Holding Pink Bras in front of Bank of America
September 16th, 2012

CODEPINK Activist Arrested After “YES WE CAN END WAR” 40 Foot Pink Slip Banner Drop Near Democratic Convention
September 6, 2012

CODEPINK Activist Speaks Out During Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer Speech At Democratic Convention: End the War in Afghanistan, Stop the Killer Drones
September 5, 2012

CODEPINK ACTIONS AT THE DNC, SEPTEMBER 5, 2012: Justice for Palestine, Money out of Politics, End all Wars
September 5, 2012

CODEPINK ACTIONS AT THE DNC: Bust up Big Banks, Corporate Money out of Politics, Cut War Funding
September 4, 2012

CODEPINK Women to DNC: Bust up Big Banks, $ Out of Politics, End Wars; From RNC to DNC, CODEPINK brings creative protests
September 2nd, 2012
CODEPINK Press Release

CODEPINK Women Speak Out During Romney Presidential Nominee Speech At Republican Convention: People Over Profits
August 30th, 2012
CODEPINK Press Release

CODEPINK Actions During the RNC: Thursday, August 30
August 30th, 2012
CODEPINK Press Release

CODEPINK Activists Speak Out During Paul Ryan Speech At Republican Convention: Fund Healthcare Not Warfare
August 29th, 2012
CODEPINK Press Release

CODEPINK Activists Confront Condoleezza Rice on War Crimes at Republican Convention Event
August 29th, 2012
CODEPINK Press Release

CODEPINK Press Release

Two CODEPINK Activists Speak Out Inside RNC Opening Night
August 28, 2012

Progressive Women Respond Live to Ann Romney’s Speech at the RNC “Bring Your Vagina” Open Mic in Ybor City
CODEPINK Press Release

CODEPINK Actions During the RNC
August 27, 2012

CODEPINK Activists Dressed as Billionaires Protest Chevron at RNC Welcoming Event, Call for Money out of Politics
August 26, 2012

Women to Right-Wing Faith & Freedom Coalition: End War on Women; End All Wars!
August 26, 2012

Women to GOP: End War on Women; End All Wars! CODEPINK Women “Bring their vaginas” to protest the RNC in Tampa Next Week
August 21st, 2012

CODEPINK Protestor Assaulted in Congress Earns Apology, Compensation

Abigail Disney: "I cannot in good conscience profit from 'plunder' or 'pillage'"
Press Advisory from Stolen Beauty Ahava Boycott Campaign

Progressive groups reject NATO's claims of progress for Afghanistan after 10 years of military occupation
July 8th, 2012
CODEPINK Press Release

Presbyterian Church (USA) General Assembly Votes to Boycott Israeli Settlement Products
July 6th, 2012
CODEPINK/Stolen Beauty Campaign Press Release

U.S. relents and grants Pakistani lawyer a visa in time for International Drone Summit
April 24th, 2012
CODEPINK Press Release

As Iran talks begin, CODEPINK Delivers Petitions to State Dept and Project Compelling WE LOVE IRANIANS images on State Dept Building
April 13th, 2012
CODEPINK Press Release

Pakistani Lawyer Representing Victims of Drone Strikes Prevented From Speaking in U.S.
April 9th, 2012
CODEPINK Press Release

CODEPINK activist implores Michelle Obama to use her leadership so there is No War on Iran and delivers the signatures of 20,000 Americans who support her in her efforts.
March 30th, 2012
CODEPINK Media Advisory

Gloria Steinem, Alice Walker and Eve Ensler join Israeli women to say: Iranians, We Love You
March 21st, 2012
CODEPINK Media Advisory

CODEPINK Press Release

Occupy AIPAC Protests and Events Urge Obama to Reject Netanyahu’s Policies about War on Iran and Palestinian Conflict during AIPAC Policy Conference
CODEPINK Press Release

Three US citizens arrested and deported by Bahraini Authorities
February 17th, 2012
CODEPINK Press Release

CODEPINK Activists Disrupts POTUS at San Francisco Fundraiser
February 16th, 2012
CODEPINK Press Release

Battle of Beliefs: Ashland man sued after 2011 fracas at U.S. House of Representatives
By Sam Wheeler, Ashland Daily Tidings

February 8th, 2012
CODEPINK Press Release

Occupy Wall Street Prepares to Occupy Fort Meade in Solidarity with PFC Bradley Manning
December 15th, 2011

One People Flash Mob Impacts Thousands at Occupy Oakland & San Francisco Calling for Economic Justice and People Power
November 21st, 2011

A Call to Occupy #OccupyWallStreet Convening 9 a.m. Sixth Avenue and Canal Street
November 15th, 2011

November 7th, 2011

Two Boats Set Sail to Gaza to Break Blockade; Passengers include CODEPINK Rep
November 2nd, 2011

Seven People Occupying DC Arrested Protesting Wars at House Armed Services Committee Interrupt Def. Sec. Panetta with “Troops Home” Message
October 13th, 2011

Four Protesters Arrested at Senate Finance Committee Meeting for Supporting U.S. Jobs and Human Rights
October 11th, 2011

CODEPINK Joins Largest Ever Anti-Drone and Anti-Nuclear Actions Sunday at NNSS and Creech AFB
October 7th, 2011
CODEPINK Press Release

CODEPINK Occupies City Squares to Mark 10th Anniversary of Afghanistan War
October 4th, 2011

September 9th, 2011

CODEPINK To Launch "Create, Not Hate" Campaign. Goal to Transform 9/11 Fear-mongering into Hope
September 8th, 2011

CODEPINK Co-Founder Jodie Evans Disrupts War Criminal Dick Cheney
September 8th, 2011

August 18th, 2011
CODEPINK Press Release

Activists Stage Die-in at Syrian Embassy to Shame Syrian Government for Massacring its own People
August 11th, 2011
CODEPINK Press Release

President’s Friends Intervene to Stop War Addiction Encourage POTUS to Enter Kucinich Rehab Peace Center
July 28th, 2011
CODEPINK Press Release

One Hundred Peace and Social Justice Groups Call Upon Members of Congress to Oppose War Funding
July 7th, 2011
CODEPINK, United for Peace and Justice Press Release

On eve of U.S. Independence Day, U.S. passengers on flotilla start open-ended fast at U.S. Embassy in Athens
CODEPINK Press Release

New Yorkers Celebrate Gay Soldier and Alleged WikiLeaker Bradley Manning in Sunday’s Gay Pride Parade
June 27th, 2011
CODEPINK Press Advisory

CODEPINK's Anti-War Resolution Passes at U.S. Mayors' Conference. Mayors Will Bring Resolution to Congress and White House
June 20th, 2011
CODEPINK Press Release

Gaza Flotilla Passengers to Hold Press Conference Outside Department of State
June 18th, 2011

CODEPINK Activists Glitter GOP Candidate Tim Pawlenty at AHIP Conference in San Francisco
June 16th, 2011
CODEPINK Press Release

CODEPINK Activist Rae Abileah who disrupted Netanyahu's speech in Congress injured by AIPAC supporters and arrested at hospital
Press Release

Rabbis, Palestinians, Activists Stage Die-In Outside AIPAC Conference, 
Arrests as President Obama Speaks

CAUGHT: Ahava’s Theft of Occupied Natural Resources Finally Exposed
May 18th, 2011
Press Advisory

Press Conference at White House to Condemn Bombing of Libya
Anti-war Activists Call for Ceasefire and Negotiations, Not War

California Voters Bare Skin to Demand that Sen. Feinstein Speak Out Against Torture on Accused WikiLeaks Whistleblower Bradley Manning

Coalition of Veterans and Peace Activists Mark Iraq War’s 8th Anniversary this Saturday with Increased Civil Disobedience at the White House

Golden Gate Walk For Peace in Solidarity with the Women Around the World for International Women’s Day
March 13th, 2011

Local Activists to Protest Tony Blair Appearance at the Flint Center
March 10, 2011

Bay Area Activists Stage a "Day of Rage" in Solidarity with the People of Iraq and Palestine
Showing support of people's movements in Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia, Iran and Wisconsin
February 25, 2011

CODEPINK Peace Activists Join Egyptians on the Ground in Cairo, Available for Phone Calls, Interviews
February 2, 2011

Canadian Retailer The Bay Drops Cosmetics Line as Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories Admits Declining Sales and Attempts to Rebrand
January 14th, 2011

CODEPINK Tucson Responds to Massacre
January 10th, 2011

Tribunal finds American and International Business Complicit in Israeli War Crimes // US Experts and Lawyers Testified at International Tribunal and Findings Identify Legal Remedies and Call for Civil Society Boycott Action
November 23rd, 2010
Press Release

Protests Planned for George W. Bush's Dallas Library Groundbreaking // Along the Book Tour Bush Critics Move his Book to Crime Section
November 15th, 2010
Press Release

Local Activists to Protest George W. Bush Appearance at Miami Book Fair
November 12th, 2010

Street Theater Protest at Bush's Book Signing in Dallas Texas: Waterboarding "Damn Right" says Former President
November 8th, 2010
Press Advisory

Young Jews Challenge American Jewish Leadership At Jewish Federation General Assembly in New Orleans
November 8th, 2010
Press Release

The People's Response to George W. Bush's book, Decision Points
Official Statement

The People’s Response to Bush Library & Policy Institute
November 8th, 2010

CODEPINK and other U.S. Groups Ask State Department to Call for Release of Palestinian Nonviolent Activist
October 26th, 2010
Press Release

Protests disrupt Condoleezza Rice in San Francisco--Video Footage Available
October 18th, 2010

Marching for Jobs, Not War: National Mobilization for Economic Justice Includes Demands to Bring Our War Dollars Home!
September 30th, 2010
Press Release

NYers to Boycott Israeli Cosmetics Made in Occupied West Bank, Sold in NYC
September 27th, 2010
Press Release

CODEPINK’s Medea Benjamin on Trial for Trespassing at VA Home of Blackwater’s Erik Prince: Prince’s Wife Joanna Scheduled to Testify
Press Release

CODEPINK Cofounder Arrests Former Prime Minister Tony Blair for War Crimes
September 15th, 2010
CODEPINK Press Release

CEO of Israeli Cosmetics Firm Ahava Rattled by Growing Boycott; False Claims Put Out by Company Are Refuted by ‘Stolen Beauty’ Campaign
September 13th, 2010
Press Release

Military Moms, Iraq Veterans and Veteran Peace Activists Respond to the Iraq Withdrawal
August 31st, 2010
Press Release

Communities Nation-wide Gather to Watch Obama’s Speech on Iraq
August 30th, 2010
Press Release

Bay Area Responds to the Iraq Debacle: Activists Deliver "Bloody Hands" to Pelosi
August 30th, 2010
Press Release

CODEPINK Cofounder Arrested at Home of Blackwater Founder Urging Him Not to Flee to Extradition-Free UAE
August 20th, 2010
Press Release + Video!

Peace Movement Responds to Iraq Troop Withdrawal: The Iraq Debacle Is Not Over, Week of Actions Planned Nation-wide
August 19th, 2010
Press Release

Pink Slip John Yoo: Press Conference; Procession Against Torture
August 16th, 2010
Press Release

Veterans & Peace Activists Rally to Support Wikileaks Whistleblower Bradley Manning in Quantico
August 4th, 2010
Manning is held in Quantico Brig, facing 52 years in prison, for exposing war crimes, CODEPINK Press Release

Women to Set Up Camp Outside Governor's Home--Calling for An Overturn of SB 1070
July 30th, 2010
Press Release

Arizona Women Will Peacefully Block ICE Raids on Immigrant Communities
July 28th, 2010
Press Release

Peacemakers Rally Against Christians United for Israel (CUFI)
July 20th, 2010
Bring “Love Thy Neighbor includes Palestinians” Message to CUFI Banquet at DC Convention Center

Religious Leaders Challenge Christians United for Israel (CUFI)
July 16th, 2010
Hold Press Conference Outside CUFI Summit to Denounce Israeli Abuses

Peace Activists Protest Israeli PM Netanyahu's Visit to White House
July 6th, 2010
Press Release

Wave of Political Repression and Violence Sweeps Toronto in Wake of G20 Summit
June 30th, 2010
Press Release

Detroit Community to Dance on the Grave of the Hummer
June 25th, 2010
Press Release

HUMMER to be buried at Joyful Ceremony in Motor City
June 20th, 2010
Women’s peace group CODEPINK puts gaz-guzzling hulk to rest

Nation-wide Protests at BP Stations to Demand Prosecution for Lost Lives & Livelihoods
June 18th, 2010
Press Release

Distraught Shrimper Disrupts BP CEO Tony Hayward Testimony
June 17th, 2010
Press Release

DC Confronts BP and Big Oil: A Week of Protests
June 14th, 2010
Press Release

Victory: Peace Groups Permanently Shut Down Army Experience Center in Philadelphia
June 11th, 2010
Press Release

June 10th, 2010
Press Release

Distraught Gulf Shrimper Arrested for Pouring Oil on Herself in Senate Energy Hearing
June 9th, 2010
Press Release

Army Colonel & Flotilla passenger Ann Wright released from Israeli prison, back in US to tell the other side of the story
June 4th, 2010
Press Release

US Peace Community Brings Condolences and Support to Turkish People after Israeli attacks
June 3rd, 2010
Press Release

CODEPINK Condemns Israeli Attack on Gaza Flotilla
May 31st, 2010

CODEPINK Press Release

CODEPINK Supports the Gaza Freedom Flotilla; Calls on Israel Government to Allow Safe Passage
May 27th, 2010
CODEPINK Press Release

Hundreds of New Yorkers Bring Public Outrage to BP
May 27th, 2010
Press Release

CODEPINK Activists Protest Karl Rove Appearance, Demand Accountability, in Mequon
May 23rd, 2010
CODEPINK Press Release

CODEPINK Attempts Citizens Arrest of Karl Rove, Demand Accountability, in Franklin TN
May 20th, 2010
CODEPINK Press Release

CODEPINK Brings Public Outrage to BP in Houston
May 20th, 2010
Press Release

San Diegans to Protest Predator Drone Makers General Atomics and CEO's Home
May 17th, 2010
CODEPINK Press Release

Statement of the Women’s Emergency Human Rights Delegation
Signed by CODEPINK & Partner Orgs

Peace Never Tasted So Sweet: CODEPINK Launches New Cookbook!
May 7th, 2010

CODEPINK brings peace message to Military Arms Exhibit on Washington Mall
May 7th, 2010
Press Release

CODEPINK Release A New Cookbook for Mother's Day!
May 6th, 2010
Press Release

Women Nation-Wide Celebrate the Original Purpose of Mother’s Day: Peace (with Roseanne Barr)
May 6th, 2010
Press Release

CODEPINK Activists to Protest Karl Rove Appearance, Demand Accountability, in Albuquerque
CODEPINK Press Release

DC Small Business Community Celebrates Victory Over Northrop Grumman
April 21st, 2010
Press Release

Liberals infiltrate Tax Day Tea Party in Washington, D.C. to find common ground on war spending
April 14th, 2010
Press Release

CODEPINK Activists to Protest Karl Rove Appearance, Demand Accountability, in Las Vegas
April 8th, 2010
Press Release

CODEPINK to Build Settlements in Congress Today
March 23rd, 2010
Press Release

CODEPINK Protests Netanyahu inside AIPAC Gala
March 22nd, 2010
Press Release

Fake AIPAC Release Calling for Settlement Freeze
March 22nd, 2010

Community Leaders Condemn AIPAC Policies of Occupation and Sanctions
March 22nd, 2010
Press Release

Women Mark Iraq War's Seventh Anniversary with Vibrant Visuals & Community Event
March 18th, 2010

DC Small Businesses Oppose $25 Million Plan to Lure Northrop Grumman
March 8th, 2010
Press Release

US Peace Activist, Previously Barred from Canada, Tries to Re-Enter Today
March 1st, 2010

Losing Hope: Time to Take Action Progressives Assess One Year of Obama's Presidency

Egyptian Security Forces Detain Gaza Freedom Marchers in el-Arish and shut down Gaza Memorial in Cairo
December 28th, 2009

99 Israeli and International Feminist Organizations to the British Government: Enable Prosecution of Israeli War Criminals
December 24th, 2009

Gaza Freedom March is Determined to Break the Siege
December 21st, 2009
1,360 International Delegates appeal to Egypt to let the March proceed

Holocaust Survivor Hedy Epstein Heads to Gaza with 1,000 International Delegates Gaza Freedom March to Israeli Border Set for December 31
December 10th, 2009
CODEPINK Press Release

CODEPINK Activists to Protest Drone Conference Calling for an End to Drone Strikes and Afghanistan War
December 9th, 2009

War is Money Down the Drain: CODEPINK Protests Afghanistan Escalation
Protests Nationwide

Activists Stage Fast Outside of Creech Air Force Base Calling for an End to U.S. Drone Strikes in the Middle East
November 12th, 2009

Stress, Emotional Trauma and Anxiety for Military Servicemen and Servicewomen
CODEPINK Press Release

Protest of House vote against the UN Goldstone Gaza Report: Protesters will hold a “Read-In” of the 575-page Report
CODEPINK Press Release

Ghosts of War Join White House Halloween Party Urge President Obama to End the Wars
CODEPINK Press Release

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert “arrested” in San Francisco
CODEPINK Press Release

Is Obama the Peace President?
CODEPINK Press Release

CODEPINK Stands Firm Against Military Escalation in Afghanistan
October 8th, 2009
CODEPINK Press Release

Special Opportunity: Audiobridge with Afghanistan Delegation Members TODAY

CODEPINK releases its Statement on the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement
September 26th, 2009

G20: Peace Groups Celebrate Victory!
Press coverage of G-20 activist protests

G20 Plans are a Go! Women's Coalition Announces Tent City Project
September 18th, 2009

Press Conference and White House Petition Delivery on 8th Anniversary of Authorization
September 16th, 2009

On Eighth Anniversary of Authorization for Use of Military Force in Afghanistan, Public Opposition Grows
September 14th, 2009

Israeli army resisters to tour U.S. college campuses this fall
September 11th, 2009
Will spark debate, controversy over role in Israel-Palestine conflict

Ahava Drops Spokesperson Amid Public Relations Fiasco: A first victory for CODEPINK's "Stolen Beauty" campaign
September 4th, 2009
Press release

CODEPINK activist flashmob to "connect the dots" of federal budget at Cayucos Beach
August 26th, 2009

'Sex & The City' star Kristin Davis suspended from Oxfam publicity work; Just one month after CODEPINK launches "Stolen Beauty" Ahava boycott campaign
August 6th, 2009
Press release

TODAY: Bikini-clad activists to protest Israeli cosmetics at two D.C. stores
Press advisory

In upscale beauty shops TODAY, CODEPINK women in bikinis to protest Israeli cosmetics company
July 28th, 2009
Press advisory

Women Mobilize in Front of White House, Worldwide Against Coup in Honduras
July 22nd, 2009
Press Advisory

Women's peace group launches boycott campaign of Israeli Ahava cosmetics
July 21st, 2009
Press release

TODAY: Bikini-clad activists protest Ahava cosmetics at Cosmoprof trade show
July 20th, 2009
Press advisory

Peace activists to rally Monday outside Creech Air Force Base: Will call for end to U.S. drone attacks in Afghanistan, Pakistan
July 10th, 2009
Press advisory

Amid election conflict in Iran, CODEPINK calls for women worldwide to support Iranian women's fight for justice, rights
July 1st, 2009
Press statement

CODEPINK condemns Israeli abduction of US Congresswoman, 21 others from Gaza aid ship
June 30th, 2009
Press statement

CODEPINK calls for true, complete end to six years of brutal war in Iraq
June 30th, 2009
Press statement

TODAY: Bikini-clad activists to expose Israel's dirty occupation and assault on Palestine at 'Tel Aviv Beach' in Central Park
June 21st, 2009

CODEPINK calls for end to violence against peaceful Iranian protesters; Urges Obama administration to promise diplomacy, end sanctions
June 19th, 2009

CODEPINK urges no more money for war; Calls for rapid withdrawal, diplomacy, investment in American needs
June 16th, 2009
Press Statement

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