Peace with Iran

Faced with the specter of another catastrophic war, CODEPINK is putting pressure on politicians—and their wives—to use diplomacy, not bombs. In March, 2012, after the 9th anniversary of the Iraq invasion, we hand delivered our Women Say No War on Iran petition to First Lady Michelle Obama. We are committed to nonviolent resistance to a war on Iran, and continue to oppose the crippling sanctions. Will you join us?

Say No to War on Iran!

Sign CODEPINK's petition to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, US Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, and First Lady Michelle Obama. Join Alice Walker, Eve Ensler, Gloria Steinem and Iranian, Israeli and Palestinian women - please sign now.

We Love Iran!

Divest from War

CODEPINK has endorsed the Divest from War online petition, and we urge peace-loving people around the world to sign it, pledging to boycott Israeli products and divest from Israeli government bonds if Israel carries out a preemptive military strike on Iran.

The goal of this campaign is to prevent the next war in the Middle East, by nonviolently raising the cost to the Israeli government of a preemptive military attack on Iran. We can use the Israeli government's concern about grassroots boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaigns that challenge their impunity to help avert a military attack that could plunge the entire Middle East into another large-scale war. Sign up at

More ways to take action

A war with Iran would have staggering economic, humanitarian, political and military consequences for both countries, and would plunge the entire region into greater chaos. We urge direct, sustained, unconditional and comprehensive talks between the governments of the United States and Iran as a realistic way to de-escalate tensions and resolve all outstanding issues.