CODEPINK Activists Strongly Oppose US Strikes on Syria


September 24, 2014

Inder Comar, Comar Law/ Witness Iraq
(415) 562 6790

Alli McCracken, CODEPINK Organizer, 860.575.5692,

Ret. Colonel Ann Wright, CODEPINK/Veterans for Peace, 808-741-1141,

Medea Benjamin, CODEPINK Co-founder, 202-595-5892 (temporary number),

CODEPINK Activists Strongly Oppose US Strikes on Syria

Washington, DC –– The peace group CODEPINK is strongly opposed to President Obama’s airstrikes in Syria. In response to the announcement of the US bombing of Syria, CODEPINK released the following statements:

"Many Americans have unfortunately been whipped up by the media, Congressional hawks, and now the Obama administration to support this latest round of intervention in Syria and Iraq," said CODEPINK co-founder Medea Benjamin. "But we are certain that this support is neither deep nor strong nor long-term. After 12 years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, along with the drone wars, Americans across the political spectrum realize that these interventions have not defeated extremist groups and have only drained our resources from much needed programs at home. They will soon understand the folly of this new round of intervention in complicated civil and regional wars."

“I resigned from the US government 11 years ago over the Bush administration lies about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The Bush administration got it wrong 11 years ago and I think the Obama administration has it wrong now. There are political avenues that have not been tried,” said ret. Colonel Ann Wright. “The Obama administration's fear mongering and its decision to bomb Syria and the media's hysteria for war are dangerous for the United States and will create more people who wish the United States harm.”

“Since 9/11 our violent response has only increased the violence in the world. Instead of a coalition of the willing, Obama announced today a coalition of the violent and there has never been a vote by Congress approving the bombing. This war on the predominantly Muslim country of Syria being waged is happening at the hands of President Obama, the Nobel Peace Laureate. We must continue to demand political solutions that lead to peace, not more violence.”

CODEPINK put up a mighty fight against President Bush’s wars, and we have continued to expose and oppose President Obama’s foreign policies that promote violence and injustice. For years now we have been organizing against the immoral drone wars, US support for repressive regimes from Israel to Saudi Arabia to Egypt, and the bloated Pentagon budget. The only ones to benefit from these militaristic policies are the arms dealers and the military contractors.

CODEPINK will work with the broader peace movement at home and abroad to mobilize opposition to this most recent escalation of US intervention. We will continue to support our partners in the region, particularly women’s groups, and to advocate for policies that promoting life-affirming activities.

Activists are available for interview: Medea Benjamin, co-founder of CODEPINK (415-235-6517) and Ret. Colonel Ann Wright (808-741-1141), who resigned from the State Department during the Bush administration in opposition to the Iraq war. Call them directly or contact CODEPINK press coordinator Alli McCracken to schedule one at 860-575-5692.