Action Toolkit

Envision, plan, take action, have fun, build community and get the word out using these online tools. Feedback welcome:

Tips for a successful meeting
For facilitators and participants - includes tips from our DC CODEPINK House.

Outreach Ideas
By making an outreach plan, your event will get the attention and participation you need to make your actions/events effective. Here are some pointers.

Fundraising Tips
Your local group needs funds for your supplies and actions. Lots of tips here to put the FUN in fundraising!

Media Guide
Your messages to the media relate to and amplify the goals of CODEPINK. Practical tips and techniques here.

Using Social Media
Social media is a great tool for activism. CODEPINK uses several forms of social media to spread our pink message.

Direct Action & Street Theater
CODEPINK is known for our use of direct action and street theater. Find out how to use these attention-grabbing techniques.

Banner Making Made Simple
An easy how-to for making a banner doing a freeway banner hanging or drop.

Organize a Women's Activist Training Camp!
Activist training camps provide CODEPINKers with the skills they need. A great idea for International Women’s Day (or any day.)

Know Your Rights!
Resources for understanding your legal rights to be political where it counts – in public!

CODEPINK Songs By Betsy Rose
Our own singer-songwriter, composer of “Today I’m wearing pink” has given us these songs for use in actions and at meetings. Listen and learn ‘em!

Fliers, Sign-ups & Songsheets!
Download, print on pink paper, and go into action with these handy resources!