He has the power to ban assault weapons

Tell Harry Reid to stand up to the NRA

Read Medea Benjamin's letter to Harry Reid: Senator Harry Reid and Guns: Time to Take a Stand

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December 22, 2012


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has the power to ban assault weapons—let's make him do it!

Yesterday we stood up against the NRA
during its nationally televised press conference, and support has been pouring in from people who are disgusted by the gun lobby's outsized influence on our government. Please join us in asking Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to stand up to the NRA by supporting a ban on assault weapons.

People were horrified by the NRA's proposed solution to gun violence: more guns, including arming all our schools. The only ones who would benefit from such madness is the gun industry that the NRA represents. Real solutions mean limiting guns, especially assault weapons that are only good for mass murder.

Democratic Senator Harry Reid has the power to allow a vote on Senator Feinstein's legislation banning assault weapons--a measure supported by President Obama and Vice President Biden. But so far, Reid, a good friend of the gun lobby, has refused to support the ban.

Earlier this week, we went to Reid's office telling him the time for action is NOW.

We can't allow this moment to pass without taking action! Please join us in telling Harry Reid that it's time to break with the NRA and support an assault weapons ban.

Alli, Medea, Jodie, Nancy, Rae, Sam and Tighe

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