Happy Anniversary!

November 1, 2012

Dear CODEPINK Activists,

Ten years ago, I joined CODEPINK in front of the White House in a moving act of civil disobedience to  try to stop our government from bombing Iraq. We couldn't sit idly by as our government threatened to bomb innocent Iraqi people, using money we needed in the United States to build hospitals, housing and schools.

We were a group of women in pink scarves, pink hats, and pink snow pants who set up tents in a wet, cold park across from the White House.  It was  November, 2002, the launch of a 5-month vigil to stop the US invasion of Iraq.  At night, park police arrived to knock the tents down and scatter us in the rain.  But instead of leaving, more women came  to camp out with us!

This was the beginning of a bold, courageous stand by women who were saying NO to war using our bodies, our mouths, our minds, and our hearts.  

We invite you to join us in celebrating these past ten years of creative resistance to war and violence.  

What's your favorite CODEPINK photo?  What CODEPINK action moved you?  When were you inspired to take action?  

Share your stories, thoughts, pictures and videos on our 10 Year Anniversary Tumblr.

Make us laugh, make us cry, give us goosebumps!
We'll promote highlights from the
Tumblr on our website, Twitter, and Facebook.  

And what better way to celebrate 10 years of bold action than getting out in the streets! We are excited to be returning to our roots and staging a vigil outside the White House and in the halls of Congress one week after the election, on Wednesday, November 14.  We'll bang pots and pans to call on the President and Congress to stop waging war, cut the bloated Pentagon budget and invest in rebuilding America.  Won't you join us?  

We're also celebrating our anniversary with actions in San Francisco and Los Angeles.  Have a party or create an action in your city! 

Even more reasons to celebrate: CODEPINK cofounder Medea Benjamin just won the 2012 Peace Award from the US Peace Memorial Foundation, and next week she will receive the Thomas Merton Center Award in Pittsburgh.  

We are so grateful for all you have done over the last ten years to build a more peaceful planet, and we look forward to many more years of creating peace together.

Can't wait to read your stories!  You can also make a donation today to keep us in action for the critical years ahead. 

Now I've got to head out the door and get over to our local Tarsands pipeline blockade action here in the belly of the beast – Texas!

Diane Wilson

PS: From shores of Seadrift, Texas, my heart goes out to everyone experiencing chaos and loss on the East Coast in the wake of Hurricane Sandy this week.  Let's hope these politicians wise up and start talking about climate change, and one of the biggest polluters of all, the military!