Skeletons in Obama's Closet

Dear Supporter,

As we embark on a
peace delegation to Pakistan to protest the Obama administration's drone warfare, some people tell us that with all the turmoil around the hated Innocence of Muslims film, this is a terrible time to go. We don't take the risks lightly, but we also feel it's critical—precisely at this moment—to show the Muslim world that there are Americans who want relations of peace and friendship, not religious insults, drone strikes and military occupations.

We will be in Pakistan from September 28-October 14 to meet with drone victim families, lawyers, academics, women's groups, representatives of major Pakistani political parties and US officials. On October 7 we will join Pakistani political leader Imran Khan, drone victims, tribal elders and thousands of locals in a peaceful march to Waziristan protesting U.S. drone strikes that have killed between
2,500 and 3,330 people since 2004.

Since the US provides no assistance to innocent victims, we are collecting funds for their rehabilitation, including prosthetic legs. One of the people we will help is 16-year-old Sadaullah, from North Waziristan, who lost an eye and both legs in an attack on his home. “I had a dream of becoming a doctor, but now I can't even walk to school,” said Sadaullah. whose story is related in Medea's book
Drone Warfare. We are trying to raise $5,000 to help the victims, so please consider making a donation.

We will also be taking
petitions to the US Embassy in Islamabad, so make sure you have signed. We would like to deliver 5,000 signatures to the Ambassador, and right now we have just under 2,000. Can you help us reach our goal?

The 40
American delegates range in age from 23 to 85, hail from cities across the United States and represent students, writers, doctors, political analysts, veterans and artists. What binds us is a conviction that drone strikes are immoral, illegal and counterproductive, and that we must be ‘citizen diplomats' who model the policies we want our government to put forth. Read more about the delegation in Medea's latest article on Common Dreams and check out Living Under Drones, a new detailed report by NYU/Stanford law schools.

Back at home, anti-war groups will be marking October 7, the 12th anniversary of the war in Afghanistan, with protests around the country. Check
here to see where they are planned, or add your own. You can also follow our Pakistan trip by going to

With hope for peace,

Medea Benjamin and Ann Wright

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