Live from the RNC

August 31, 2011

Dear Changemakers,

Last night as Mitt Romney was giving his acceptance speech, four of us stood up chanting and unfurling banners that read: "People Over Profits" and "Democracy is not a business." This was the culmination of a week of intense CODEPINK protests at the Republican Convention in Tampa, including inside disruptions three nights in a row. We told Paul Ryan, "My body, my choice! Fund healthcare not warfare!"  From the New York Times to Business Insider to Democracy Now, we made headline news every day.

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Despite police intimidation and the threat of a hurricane, we stormed the streets day and night with three messages: end the wars, get money out of politics and protect women's rights.

Standing up to the GOP attack on women, we donned vagina costumes—taking them into anti-choice events,
singing all the way. Our vaginas became the talk of the town, with Current TV doing a whole video on their design and calling them "omnipresent."

Mocking Republican elitism, we dressed as "Millionaires for Mitt"—tuxedoes, gowns, cigars and pig snouts
greeting GOP delegates at corporate-sponsored parties.

When the National Rifle Association (NRA) hosted a "shoot-out" for Republican delegates, we held a vigil for the victims of gun violence and staged a die-in. (see video.)

Dressed as pink police, we staged
citizen's arrests at every Condoleezza Rice event.  And at a pro-Israeli Occupation event we spoke out against the ongoing occupation of Palestine and push for war on Iran (see video.)

And now, without a chance to catch our breath,
we're off to the Democratic Convention in Charlotte to continue our call for money out of politics and an end to the wars, drone strikes and threats of war against Iran.

Join us in Charlotte, "Wall Street South," headquarters of Bank of America and Wells Fargo, to demonstrate this week, Sept. 1-6. 

Or join us on Wall Street on the one year anniversary of the Occupy Movement, September 15-17. 

Can't make it in person?  Share your message about money in politics and
our broken political system on our facebook page here.  We'll select some savvy slogans to bring into the streets at the DNC demonstrations. Follow @codepink for live updates from the streets!

We are proud to represent you in the streets and in the convention halls.  Please continue to  support us, and spread the word so that our actions at the RNC and DNC continue to reverberate throughout the country. 

People over profits!

Onward ever,
Alli, Anita, Ann, Edwina, Jo, Jodie, Josie, Karen, Katie, Laura, Medea, Rae, Paul, Tighe and Wade