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October 16, 2012

Dear Activist,

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during the debate tonight!

October 16, 2012

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Tune in to the progressive post-debate discussion with Amy Goodman and Democracy Now!
8-11pm tonight, October 16
Live from Hofstra University! 

Tonight Obama and Romney will debate foreign policy in the form of a town meeting.

We know real town hall meetings need input from the people, so let's add our voices to the mix.   What question do you want to ask?  What issues do you wish the candidates would discuss?  

Tweet the truth!  Use #debate and #endwar in your tweets and we will RT your best tweets to our followers.  Plus follow
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The tide is turning on public support for ongoing wars. 
Sunday's New York Times Editorial said it's “time to pack up” and withdraw forces from Afghanistan ahead of the 2014 date.  The Washington Post also ran a hard-hitting story on the cost of the war, which is going into its 12th year.  We must ensure a speedy withdrawal from Afghanistan and work toward an end to killer drone attacks.  

Here are some sample tweets to get your creative juices flowing (click to tweet!):

Out of Afghanistan NOW! @nytimes agrees. #debate #election2012 #mediajustice via @codepink

We need more diplomacy, not sanctions and threats of war on #Iran! Add your face to the #debate via @codepink

"Drone, baby drone!" is dangerous for America. Stop killer drone attacks: #election2012 #debate #endwar via @codepink

Fund #bigbird not #bigbombs! #debate @wardollarshome @codepink

We need a peace president who stands up to Israeli Occupation & Segregation! #debatewatch #obama #romney #Palestine via @codepink

Next month our country will elect a new president, and CODEPINK will mark our
10 year anniversary – a decade of creative resistance to war and militarism.  It's time to elect a new way of waging foreign policy, one built on diplomacy and justice, not endless warfare and corporate dollars. 
Join us in DC a week after the election to put forth a people's platform, or join an action near you to celebrate, educate and resist!  

Alli, Holly, Jodie, Medea, Nancy, Rae, Sam, Tamara, and Tighe

PS One way to end war is to get war profiteer $$ out of elections.  Last weekend we joined with 1,200 people to spell out “DUMP CITIZENS UNITED” on the beach in San Francisco.  Get inspired by this pictures
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