December 16, 2011

Stand up for Protesters.

Watch the One People Occupy Flashmob that's been viewed by thousands, cosponsored by CODEPINK, and get inspired to support justice!

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Time Magazine named you, The Protester, Person of the Year!  From the Arab Spring to the American Autumn, the world is erupting with inspiring movements for justice! 

We are at an historic moment when our deepest dreams of overcoming war and injustice are being debated—and acted upon—in town squares
the world over.

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This week, as Obama proclaimed the end of the Iraq War, we have been reflecting on the years of dedicated, creative protesting by CODEPINK activists, from the halls of Congress to small towns around the country. A heavy presence of US military contractors and the world's largest embassy continue to interfere with the Iraqi people's right to control their own resources and future.  Iraqi women's lives have been shattered.

Congress just passed the horrific National Defense Authorization Act, curtailing civil liberties and granting even more money for war.  Today accused whistleblower Bradley Manning goes to trial. 
CODEPINK is needed now as ever to make an impact in history and keep on turning the tide for justice.  

With your help, in 2012 we will continue to amplify women's voices in the Occupy movement and in war zones around the world.  From Rumsfeld to Netanyahu we will continue to stand up to war criminals and war profiteers.  We will connect the dots between economic injustice and war profiteering with our Bring our War $$ Home campaign.  We will launch several new books featuring CODEPINK authors, and expand our Ground the Drones campaign.  We will continue our bold campaigns to boycott Israeli settlement products.  We will keep on supporting the Arab uprising and we will expose the right-wing lobby AIPAC with a national conference in DC.  We will continue to sow the seeds of change to make this world a safer, healthier, more just and peaceful place for the 99%.

It has been your support that has taken us this far. Your donation right now can help us turn the tide on corporate greed and war profiteering.

We don't get many moments like this in our lifetimes. Let's seize it!


Jodie Evans, Medea Benjamin, Rae Abileah
and the CODEPINK Team 

It's time to planetize the movement.
Watch the new One People Flashmob to see how the 99% and the 1% can come together, and get inspired to support CODEPINK in the year ahead!  Share it on twitter today!

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