November 17, 2011


In the past 48 hours we have Resisted eviction, Reclaimed public space, and Recreated the beautiful community that formed to Occupy Wall Street on September 17th. Stepping back into the empty park together on Tuesday night, it was hard to believe that only two months had passed since we first took Liberty Square. In that time, I've never been prouder to be PINK! Whether marching for Healthcare not Warfare, occupying the super-committee hearings, leading a teach-in, or helping to create safe spaces for women's participation , you, the roseroots activists, continue to inspire me with your energy and initiative.

Today I will join with my PINK sisters and tens of thousands of friends and allies to celebrate this victory and help build an even bigger, brighter movement! Will you join me and stand in solidarity with OWS?

The OWS day of action
Resist, Reclaim, Recreate – will culminate in a festival of light as we mark the two-month anniversary of the #occupy movement.

Help shine a light on economic justice by participating in an action near you!

Brighten your protest by downloading and printing out our “Power to the Peaceful!” sign on pink paper and pinning it to your t-shirt or coat.

And don't forget to
post your photos and video from your actions so we can witness the PINK solidarity from around the country!

Illuminating change,

and the CODEPINK Team:
Alli, C.J., Farida, Gayle, Janet, Jodie, Kristen, Lisa, Nancy, Medea, Rae, Rosie, Sanaa, Sharon, and Tighe

PS: I'm thrilled to announce the launch of our new site, -- a new way for women to connect, share what we've learned, and get involved in the movement!

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