Elizabeth Warren Breaks Silence on Gaza


September 4, 2014

Dear Activist,

“When Hamas puts its rocket launchers next to hospitals, next to schools, they're using their civilian population to protect their military assets. And I believe Israel has a right, at that point, to defend itself."

Who said this?? Not Israeli PM Netanyahu, but "progressive icon" Senator Elizabeth Warren. Tell Senator Warren: It’s NEVER acceptable to bomb schools and hospitals!

Why is Senator Warren, who stands up for the “little guy” in the face of big banks and corrupt corporations in America, siding with big bully Israel? For 7 years, with the help of the Egyptian government, Israel has maintained a blockade of Gaza that prevents the free movement of the Palestinians living there, and restricts fishing, and the import or export of basic goods.

Just this summer Israel conducted a brutal assault on the tiny Gaza Strip, killing over 2,000, wounding thousands more, and displacing over 100,000 people. The Israeli military bombed schools, hospitals (which is illegal under international law), mosques, playgrounds, and children playing on the beach. Why is Elizabeth Warren defending Israel’s atrocities?

Senator Warren has defended her vote to send $225 million of American taxpayer money to Israel for its Iron Dome missile defense system. With schools and community centers shutting down in the US, and road and bridges crumbling, shouldn’t we be using those American taxpayer dollars here at home?

Tell Elizabeth Warren: It’s NEVER acceptable to bomb schools and hospitals. Stop supporting Israel unconditionally! On Monday, September 8 at 1:00pm, we will deliver your signatures and stage a sit-in in protest inside her Washington, DC office. Stay tuned for details or come join us!

For peace with justice,

Alli, Anastasia, Holly, Jodie, Janet, Jes, Medea, Nada, Nancy, Nathan, Sophia, and Tighe

PS: The CODEPINK team took the #RubbleBucketChallenge for Gaza in front of the White House and the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge last week. We nominate YOU to take the challenge now!