9,800 Too Many


May 28, 2014

Dear Activist,

After thirteen years at war, it’s obvious that there is no military solution in Afghanistan and it is far past time to end the war and bring all of our troops home now.” - Congresswoman Barbara Lee

President Obama has just announced his plan for US troops and money in Afghanistan: keeping 9,800 US troops, and an unknown number (probably thousands) of military contractors in Afghanistan PAST his original deadline of December 31, 2014. Today at West Point and on his quick visit to Bagram Air Force Base on Memorial Day, Obama praised the great achievement of our military in Afghanistan but then he insists that we must prolong what is already the longest war in US history. And the US Senate is all set to back him up with its version of the National “Defense” Authorization Act, or FY15NDAA.

Barbara Lee, the only member of Congress brave enough to vote against the 2001 Authorization to Use Military Force, disagrees. “I respectfully disagree with plans announced today to leave nearly 10,000 troops and an unknown number of contractors in Afghanistan beyond 2014 and to extend U.S. troop presence in Afghanistan until 2016," she said.

CODEPINK stands with Barbara Lee. So what can we do?

Call the White House and tell President Obama: I agree with Congresswoman Barbara Lee - troops home from Afghanistan now! 202-456-1111.

Call your Senator and demand a NO vote on the FY15NDAA as it stands: 202-224-3121.

It costs over $1 million a year for each US soldier in Afghanistan. Meanwhile back home, long-term unemployment insurance goes unrenewed, climate change burns and floods Americans out of their homes, and millions of families live and die in harsh poverty in the world’s richest country. After 13 years, join us in telling our elected officials that it’s time to bring our war dollars home.

Last September, the people of the United States expressed their war-weariness by telling their reps and senators in no uncertain terms to stay out of military involvement in Syria -- and the US push to war was halted! Let’s do the same thing with Afghanistan.

For peace,
Alli, Ashley, Farah, Janet, Jodie, Lisa, Medea, Nancy, Sara, Sergei, and Tighe

PS - As Afghan Parliamentarian Malalai Joya reminds us: ““No people can be liberated by foreign intervention. Freedom, justice and peace can only be achieved by our people themselves.”