October 2, 2008



We've never seen anything like this! The Congressional switchboard and website have been so overloaded by angry citizens that they keep crashing. You can't walk into a congressional office without hearing beleaguered staffers saying to a caller, "Yes, I understand you're against the bailout."

You have been part of a popular uprising that is rocking this nation, an uprising that unites left and right, blue states and red states. We can't let up!

Friday is the most critical day yet. Please--call your congressperson's office RIGHT NOW!(202) 224-3121) Many reps are wavering. They are being hounded by Wall Street, the White House and their party leadership to vote for this bill-which now has a price tag of $850 billion! Tell them to Just Say No. Tell them to forget their recess and their electioneering, and stay in Congress as long as it takes to get a GOOD BILL that provides real relief for homeowners, revitalizes our communities and makes Wall Street pay for its greed and bungling.

Paulson Must GoWe've been backing up your calls with non-stop actions in Washington DC. We leave the CODEPINK house in the early morn going from office to office. We corner the reps as they walk through the halls, get a bite to eat, hold their press conferences, go to their cars. We did die-ins in the offices of McCain and Obama, calling for real leadership from the candidates. We shamed Senators after the late night vote. We protested in front of the White House and the Treasury Department. We demonstrated during the Paulson-Bernanke hearings.

Let's keep the momentum building. Call right now. Keep those phones jammed. For once, make sure Washington hears us!!!

With fire in our bellies,
Audrey, Dana, Deidra, Desiree, Farida, Gael, Gayle, Jean, Jodie, Liz, Lori, Medea, Nancy, and Rae

Paulson Must GoP.S. We're also calling for the removal of Treasury Secretary Paulson. He's a Wall Street speculator (former CEO of Goldman Sachs) whose shady deals helped get us into this crisis. We can't trust him with the solution. Sign our call Paulson Must Go and join our campaign to stop the fox from guarding the henhouse.

Protest the Bailout!
Call your rep and Senators at
(202) 224-3121

Paulson Must Go!
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