May 22, 2008


This Memorial Day, as we mourn those who have been killed during wartime, we are inspired to work even harder to bring our troops home and stop the next war now.

Our hearts break for the thousands of family members who have lost loved ones in this senseless war. May the words of Gilda Carbonaro whose only child, Alessandro, died from injuries received in Iraq, move you to take action this Memorial Day weekend:

It still seems unreal that Alex did not return from Iraq, that his bright future was cut short, that his young bride was left a widow.

A silent scream wants to break out of my chest as I contemplate his stark absence and think of the young men and women who will die today and tomorrow to fill the other graves that have been prepared at Arlington.

We do not honor our loved ones by accepting the continued loss of life in a reckless, irresponsible war that has no military solution. We do not honor the troops by standing by indifferently as members of the Congress give their sneering Commander-in-Chief a blank check to continue a war based on a tidal wave of lies and hubris.

We honor the fallen by beginning an immediate redeployment from Iraq and by showing our determination to stop a new war with Iran. We honor the fallen by making sure that those who return from Iraq and Afghanistan receive all the help they need for their education, and their physical and mental health. We honor the fallen by taking action, by making peace.

From May 24-26, CODEPINK and other progressive groups around the country will hang freeway overpass banners calling an end to war. With thousands of motorists hitting the road for the holiday weekend, it's an ideal time to make our message visible and viable.

It's also an ideal time to call (202-224-3121) or plan visits to our Congressional reps, who will be in their home offices May 24-June 1st. We need to let our reps know we won't stand for further war funding. For information on how to organize banner drops, Congressional visits, and other Memorial Day actions, please click here.

Of course our work won't be done after Memorial Day. Come to the Pink House in DC this summer to deepen your activist skill set. Throughout June and July, we'll be holding weeklong action camps that will teach you how to talk to your congressperson, how to reach (and be) the media, how to make the war a key element of the presidential race, along with other fun and mighty activism skills. For complete details about the DC summer schedule, click here.

May we transform our grief into action every day of the year.

With peace and love,
Alicia, Dana, Desiree, Farida, Gael, Gayle, Jodie, Liz, Medea, Nancy, Rae, Sarah and Tighe

P.S. Our hearts go out to Ted Kennedy during his illness. We are grateful for all that he has done to be a voice for peace and justice in the Senate, and we send him and his family our love and our support during this struggle.

Be in action on Memorial Day!
Join a freeway banner drop!
Call (202-224-3121)
or visit your Congressperson!

Join us in DC for our Summer in Action!

For further inspiration, be sure to watch Keith Olbermann railing
against George Bush¹s hypocrisy:

Olbermann offers a great example of how we can use our voices with passion
and knowledge and power

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