November 22, 2004


Dear Friend,

Today, as CODEPINK was busily preparing a year-end humanitarian mission to Iraq, we received an urgent message. It was from our dear friend Dahr Jamail, an amazing American independent journalist who has been risking his life to get the true story of Fallujah to the American public: 
“I have just come from a refugee camp in Baghdad with families from Fallujah. The suffering is beyond description. It's worse than anything you've read or anything I've written so far.
This is a humanitarian crisis. They need medicines for their camp and the other camps immediately. We have an organization set up of doctors who can distribute the medicines and supplies. BUT WE NEED THEM NOW! THIS CANNOT WAIT!”

While George Bush was on the campaign trail talking about moral values, his administration was busy preparing the assault on Fallujah that was launched immediately after the election. The US military leveled virtually the entire city, killed hundreds of desperate civilians, refused to let humanitarian aid workers into the city, and has now left refugees without food, water and medicines.

We didn’t vote for this administration, but like it or not, we are responsible for its actions. We MUST show the Iraqis and the world community that there are indeed kind, compassionate Americans who are appalled by the immoral behavior of our government and want to help - not kill - the Iraqi people.

PLEASE HELP US GET MEDICAL AID TO THE PEOPLE OF FALLUJAH. We will send it immediately to a team of doctors who are anxiously awaiting our response.
DONATE NOW securely online and challenge your friends, family and co-workers to MEET or BEAT your donation. Please visit:  or send checks made out to Help Iraqis/Global Exchange to 2017 Mission St. #303 San Francisco, CA 94110.

SPREAD this email to at least 10 of your friends, relatives or coworkers.

KEEP INFORMED and ACTIVE. Here are three links to update you on the current crisis: Dahr Jamail reports on the assault on Fallujah and mounting casualties.

Children Pay Cost of Iraq's Chaos -- Malnutrition Nearly Double What It Was Before Invasion:

Humanitarian Crisis in Iraq:

Photographs of Fallujah under siege (Graphic): 

Thank you for helping the people of Iraq,

In peace and solidarity,
Medea Benjamin, Global Exchange and CODEPINK