December 16, 2004

J20, 2005

Dear Friends,
There'll be two oaths taken come January 20th, 2005. The first, by George W. Bush, is a promise to continue the appalling and self-serving agenda of a handful of rightwing extremists cloaked under the guise of a falsely assumed people's mandate.

The second oath is a collective one. And there's nothing false about it.  It's an unwavering pledge by the tens of thousands of people who mobilized in unprecedented numbers during the election to peaceably counter the Bush agenda.
During this holiday season, we're taking time to heal.  We're connecting with those we hold dear - family and friends. And as we do, we will be gathering our strength for the work against the Bush administration's plans for our planet - because their ill-guided policies have a negative impact that is felt from Washington to Baghdad, from Kabul to Bogota, from New York to Jakarta. On January 20th, with renewed vigor and a resounding voice, we'll take to the streets to show the Bush administration and the people of the world that George W. Bush has no mandate.
There's no better New Year's resolution you could make to yourself, your loved ones, and your global community than to take action and say no to a second term of rampant lies and greed.
Make your reservations, pack your pink, and join us in Washington D.C. Let's inaugurate the second term of the peace and justice movement! 
Andrea, Carol, Claire, Dana, Gael, Jodie, Medea, Nancy, Tiffany

A list of CODEPINK action plans for the inauguration in Washington, DC is below, and if you can't come to DC, we encourage you to organize a counter-inauguration in your community. See  local inauguration protests that are already in the works, and be sure to tell us about yours so we can help get the word out.
DC Counter-Inauguration Events

Check  for more information about these counter-inaugural events and others, coming soon …

Wednesday, January 19, 6:30 PM
The night before the inauguration, join CODEPINK and others for a creative protest outside the "Black Tie and Boots" Inaugural Ball, which starts at 7 PM at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, 2660 Woodley Road, NW; Washington, DC. Details TBA.
Thursday, January 20
There are several exciting actions planned for inauguration day, and we're sure CODEPINK activists will want to participate in as many of them as possible. The DC Anti-War Network is organizing a January 20 march and rally called "RISE Against Bush/SHINE For a Peaceful Tomorrow." The rally begins at 9 AM at Malcolm X Park in Washington, DC and continues to the White House. ( A die-in and possible civil disobedience are also in the works.

Later in the day, activists plan to line the route of the inaugural parade, to express their opposition to the Bush agenda in a myriad of ways. One group called "Turn Your Back on Bush" is encouraging activists to line the parade route and, at a given signal, turn our backs on the president. (
There are also dozens of "inaugural balls" that will be taking place in hotels along the parade route and are always good targets for creative, spontaneous nonviolent actions.

Saturday and Sunday, January 22 and 23
On inauguration weekend, CODEPINK will participate in the Progressive Democratic Summit, an event that will feature experienced speakers in the progressive movement, informational workshops, and other useful information for progressive activists and organizations. For more information and to register, click here:
If you plan to join us in Washington, DC, please sign up on the CODEPINK website to let us know you're coming. Also let us know if you need housing or if you have housing to offer an out-of-town CODEPINK activist.