March 18, 2010

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March 18, 2010


Imagine this pie represents how your income tax will be spent...

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We know all too well that our government values war above the health of our communities. It's up to us to take these rotten apples and make apple pie by looking within, acting locally, and finding ways to feed our own communities with ripe opportunities for education, jobs and healthcare while we continue to urge our government to nourish our people.

Speaking of rotten apples -- the DC City Council is poised to fork over a hefty $25m bite to the war profiteers Northrop Grumman (who, according to their own creepy promotional video, receive $0.65 from every $1 spent on defense!. This is corporate welfare at its most bitter! As Gloria Steinem said over a decade ago, “We can tell our values by looking at our checkbook stubs." This is true on both a personal and a cultural level. You can think globally/act locally and push back on DC City Council Member Jack Evans by sending him a special version of the postcard above! Do it today, in an act of remembrance and rage for the upcoming 7th anniversary of the war in Iraq.

After sending your no-more-war-pie-telegram, you can join us by protesting the war on the 7th anniversary, either in Washington, DC from
March 18-20 (including an evening with Eve Ensler and Amy Goodman!) or in your own community. Together, we can walk our talk and bring money for war back to our neighborhoods! What's happening in DC is just the beginning!

To join a CODEPINK march near you, click here, or to search for a coalition peace event click here!

Eve Ensler, who will join us in DC to honor women creating peace writes “The Iraq war cost nearly $3 trillion/I can't even count that high/but I know/that money could have/would have/ended poverty in general/which would have canceled terrorism/How come we have money to kill/but no money to feed or heal?

Serving up heaping portions of luscious peace,
Dana, Emily, Farida, Gael, Gayle, Janna, Jodie, Medea, Nancy, Prerna, Rae and Whitney

Who needs $25M more? Your community or a not-so-friendly, not-so-local war profiteer?

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