Pakistan Peace Delegation - FAQs

What are the goals of the trip?

We want to reach out to people in Pakistan, especially the areas hit by drone strikes, to show that we care about their lives; we want to show the American public how civilians are being targeted by drones; we want delegates to come back to the US and use their experiences to educate the public. Our larger goal is to stop the drone strikes and get compensation for the families of civilians killed by the strikes.

What are the trip dates?

They are October 3-10, with the Peace March taking place on day 3. These dates are now set.

What is the tentative schedule
Plan A and Plan B

Plan A Peace March in Waziristan: Travel from Islamabad to tribal areas (200 mile trip). We call it a Peace March, but it will be mostly by vehicle. We will walk part of the way at the end.

Oct 3: Arrive in Islamabad
Oct 4: Orientation, meetings
Oct 5: Rally in Islamabad
Oct 6: Leave for Waziristan
Oct 7: Peace march
Oct 8: Return to Islamabad
Oct 9: Visits/ meetings
Oct 10: Visits/meeting
Oct 11: Leave (either evening of Oct 10th or early morning of the 11th)

Departure: Evening of Oct 3 and return to US Oct 10 (unless you have decided to go on the earlier trip with Ann Wright).

Plan B: (If we don't get clearance to go to Waziristan) -We will invite people from north and south Waziristan (drone victim families) to come join us, as well as people from civil society and political parties, for a massive gathering in Islamabad. We will also have an opportunity to meet with a variety of Pakistanis—lawyers, students, activists, elected officials.

How viable is Plan A?

Right now we are very hopeful; Shahzad says around 60% possible.

When exactly should we arrive?

Most people will meet in Islamabad by October 3. If people want to stay later that is perfectly fine. (If you want to arrive early to help organize, contact CODEPINK will gather all the details of your arrival so we can have people meet you at the airport.

How will the application process work?

Applications are no longer being received. 

What do you recommend re plane tickets?

Delegates are responsible for their own airfare. Airfare is about $1200 -$1400 via Emirates Airlines for a roundtrip flight New York to Islamabad. We will let you know the flights that other delegates will be taking so that you can travel with others.

We advise you to wait to get the visa be before buying your ticket, unless you can get refundable/exchangeable tickets.

Is there a maximum # of people on the delegation?

There is no maximum. We have around 35 people as of now.

What are the costs, separate from the airfare and visa?

We are asking $1,000 to cover hotels, transportation in Pakistan, 2 meals a day, staff, translators, guides and a donation for the victims' families.

What about scholarships and other help with fundraising?

We have tips for people who want to do their own fundraising and we encourage participants to get support from their local community. For those who can't afford the $1,000 and are having trouble fundraising, you can request a reduced rate of $500. For those who need further assistance, we hope to raise additional scholarship money to help with airfare, and priority will be given to young people (under 35) and people of color.

What groups are we working with on the ground?

PTI, which is the political party of Imran Khan, other anti-war groups with large networks in Waziristan and the surrounding area, the legal group called the Foundation for Fundamental Rights and the local Pakistani chapter of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom.

Who are some of the US leaders of the trip?

They include CODEPINK staff—cofounders Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans, Tighe Barry and Alli McCracken, as well as Colonel Ann Wright and Robert Naiman of Just Foreign Policy.

Will we have translators with us?

Yes, as well as guides and security people.

Where will we be staying?

Small hotels that are properly guarded and not expensive. These are typical NGO stops. If we get to the tribal areas in Waziristan we will find other places for you to sleep.

What are the safety concerns?

We will only go to Waziristan if we are sure we will be safe, and we are working with our local liaisons on this. General safety precautions, which we will give you when you arrive, include: don't go off on your own and wander around, you should be escorted all the time. If you need to go to another city they will help give you local contacts in the area. But we don't anticipate a problem.

What do you think if, at the end of the trip, some folks stayed behind and did a hunger strike outside the US embassy?

Shahzad thinks this is a wonderful idea: they will provide support for this if we decide to do it. (A group of participants who are interested will be formed to discuss this further. If you want to be in that group, contact

What is appropriate dress?

Dress modestly (men and women). No shorts or dresses. For the women, loose pants, tops that cover your rear. In some places the women need to use scarves. Be culturally sensitive, try not to stand out in crowds.

Is it problematic if a non-US citizen wants to come?

Not a problem unless they are an Israeli national with no other passport.

If Israel is stamped in your passport is that going to be a problem?

If you can get a second passport easily, that's advisable, because it just might be faster. But that's not a reason to deny a visa so it is not a major problem.

What entities inside Pakistan might be against us being there?

We will be very closely monitored by Pakistani intelligence agencies to watch what we are doing. And the CIA, directly and through their contractors. No political party would be against us; on the contrary. And we will be working with the most popular person in Pakistan right now: Imran Khan.

Between now and October, and in Pakistan, what role can the participants have in planning?

CODEPINK will set up a planning committee in the US that will liaise with our hosts in Pakistan. If you have time and experience in similar delegations and want to be on the planning committee, send a note to

If I am vegan or vegetarian, is that problematic?

If we know in advance, we can plan accordingly.

Is it ok to bring a video camera?

Definitely and we are inviting a lot of journalists. There might be restrictions in Waziristan, and we will let you know about that when you are here.

Are there things we shouldn't say about this trip to friends or media?

You can say this trip as a humanitarian mission to meet with and help victims of drone strikes.

Will we address issues other than drones on the trip?

We will focus on drones, but we will also have some presentations that discuss other issues happening in Pakistan. We will ask you in the application form for any other interests you might have, and we will try to accommodate them.

Will there be internet access?

Yes, in Islamabad there is no problem and there should be good internet in your hotels. We can also get little hard drives with internet access that are available for about $20 for one month. CODEPINK will work on getting information about these so people can get them quickly on the ground. There will not be internet in the tribal areas.

Are there things, in addition to money, that we can bring for families, hospitals?

Medicine. Shahzad is going to look into this and let us know what medicines and anything else we can bring, such as gifts for families we meet.

What language phrases might be useful?

If you want to learn a few things in Pashtu, like “hello, how are you, I'm sorry to hear about your loss”, those things go a long way. CODEPINK will pass around some of those phrases.

Any medical concerns about vaccinations?

Normally you don't need vaccinations for any of the areas we're going to in Pakistan, but it would be a good idea to consult your doctor.

What if I can't go on the trip but I want to be supportive?

We welcome your help with many tasks like outreach, fundraising or media, or organizing actions in the US while the delegation is overseas. Also, please consider donating to our scholarship fund.

How do I get off the listserve?

If you can't go and want to get your name off the list, contact