Pakistan Peace Delegation - Fundraising Guide

Fundraise your airfare as an individual or with a group. If you fundraise as a group, make sure to decide how you will allocate your raised funds before beginning.

  • Organize a letter writing campaign. Reach out to family and friends, local activist groups, and/or your place of worship.
  • Put on a sports tournament or organize a 5k run.
  • Hold an event at a local restaurant and ask them to donate a percentage of the evening's profits to you or your group.
  • Hold a benefit event with a local band or local speaker. Collect funds.
  • Find a local business to donate a percentage of their profits on a certain day/week and tell all your friends to go shop there.
  • Open a Paypal account and post a link to accept donations on your blog or use WePay and/or Facebook to raise funds – see our WePay and Facebook fundraising guides below.
  • Organize a march in your community in solidarity with the coming CODEPINK peace delegation to Pakistan. Raise awareness and collect funds.
  • Host a dinner party at your house. Charge admission.
  • Investigate if local organizations, cultural centers, activist groups, will sponsor you. In return you can give a report and presentation on your experience when you return.
  • Invite your contacts over to give a briefing on why you are participating in the delegation. Make sure you invite people that have money to give, pass around a hat, and have them helpontribute to your trip.

Email Alli if you have any questions or need more assistance,

Here is how to set up a WePay account to fundraise your way to the Pakistan Peace Delegation!

  • Go to
  • Click “Register” in the top right part of the screen and enter your name, email, phone number and desired password.
  • The “Name This Account” box will pop up. Enter the name/organization/purpose you want anyone viewing the account to see. This could look something like “Send [your name] on the CODEPINK Peace Delegation to Pakistan!”
  • After you name the account, the site will automatically take you to your home page. From there, you click on the “donations” button. This will allow you to create a new donation campaign from which you can start fundraising.
  • In order to create a donation campaign, you must name it. This can be the same thing as the donation campaign (“Send [your name] on the CODEPINK Peace Delegation to Pakistan!”). Then you can choose to upload an image or video. This is helpful to add a personal touch to your page.  There is then a space for a description. This is the place where you can explain more about your self, the trip and why you would like to attend. The next step to set a campaign end date. This can be any date of your choosing. Then press “Next” at bottom right hand corner.
  • Then next page allows you to set a fundraising goal as well as list suggested donations if you so choose. Once you have filled out this page, press “next” again.
  • The next page allows you to customize your campaign, but in order to do so, the site takes an increased cut of your donations (something to keep in mind). If you don't wish to pay for a customized site or if you have finished customizing it, press “next”.
  • The next page allows you publish campaign. If you are happy with your page, press “publish” in the top right hand corner.
  • Once your campaign is published, you are provided with the campaign URL and options regarding the visibility of the site. With the URL, you are now ready to email, Facebook and tweet your friends to begin fundraising!!

How to set up a Facebook Cause to fundraise your way to the Pakistan Peace Delegation! Especially encouraged for students!

The General Idea: Whatever you fundraise on your page will go to you to pay the cost of your trip, as long as that amount does not exceed the cost of your trip (airfare + participant fees). You set up the page, and donations will go to CODEPINK's tax-deductible account. When you are done fundraising they will send you a check for the amount you raised.

Important Steps:

  1. Once you set up your page, send an email to Alli at This email should contain: your name, a short (one or two sentences) bio about yourself, and a link to your donation page. Alli will send your page out to potential donors who might be interested in sponsoring a student.
  2. When you are done fundraising, send another email to Alli. This email should contain: your full name, the amount you raised, a link to your donation page, an address to send the check to, and proof of purchase for your plane tickets showing the cost. Alli or Emily will forward this information to the CODEPINK office, and they will send you a check.
  3. When you are done fundraising, scroll down to the bottom of your donation page and click “Delete Cause”. Any donations received after you request your check will go into the general account. The same is true for any funds you raise above and beyond the cost of your participation in the delegation.
  4. The deadline for check requests is September 7, 2012.

How to set up the page:

  1. Go to the Facebook causes application homepage.
  2. On the dashboard menu click “Start and Action”
  3. Click the piggy-bank shaped button “Fundraising”
  4. In the “Search for a Nonprofit” section type “Codepink Women For Peace”
  5. The next blank is cause name. An appropriate name would be for example “Send [your name] on the CODEPINK Peace Delegation to Pakistan!”
  6. The next blank is “Body”. This is an appropriate place to succinctly describe what the Pakistan Peace Delegation is. For example you might write something like, “As citizen diplomats from the United States, the CODEPINK delegation will join a peace march with survivors of US drone attacks, major political figures, and thousands of Pakistanis to call for an end to the killing. Please donate and help me offset the costs of this trip. Thank you for your consideration.” Maybe put your name, your university, why you are going on the march, why you need to fundraise, and/or what your interest/background with the issue is.
  7. Next there is the picture, if you are comfortable put a picture of yourself. This will give potential donors a feel for who you are and whom they are giving their money to.
  8. The next section is where you fill out your fundraising goal. Fill out a fundraising goal for yourself so that you and potential donors will be motivated.
  9. After completing these steps, your cause is created. You will be prompted to post the cause to your profile, and to invite friends. This is a good idea!
  10. On the homepage for your cause you should see a link to “feature this cause on your profile”. This will allow you to put a box on your profile page that will allow people to link directly your page and donate. This is also a good idea!
  11. If you have any questions please email