November 11, 2009

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November 11, 2009


This Veterans Day, our hearts ache for the soldiers and their families affected by the recent shootings at Ft. Hood. Our hearts also ache for the soldiers and their families who continue to be affected by war in Iraq and Afghanistan on a daily basis. Now more than ever, CODEPINK is committed to helping to heal the hearts of those touched by war, and doing whatever we can to bring our troops home.

Email Obama today to say No Surge--no more wounded soldiers, no more lost lives, no more money for war.

We are deeply inspired by CODEPINKer and military wife Cindy Thomas who, earlier this year, helped establish the Under the Hood Café just outside the Ft. Hood base where the recent massacre took place. Under the Hood provides military service members support with referrals to legal, financial, and medical services, and offers a space for troops to freely express their views on the wars and the military. Cindy writes:

For the soldiers who visit regularly, Under the Hood has become a home and we have become family. They tell us about their hardships, they ask for help, they seek information about their rights, and sometimes they find the strength to say NO to war.

Read the rest of Cindy's inspiring letter about her involvement with CODEPINK and the creation of the Under the Hood Café.

This Veteran's Day, you can support Under the Hood and the soldiers who walk through their doors with a cash or in-kind donation, such as books and dvds. Even a small donation will make a difference:

  • $10 will buy two reams of paper for flyers and outreach
  • $25 will keep the coffee pots perking for two weeks

Click here to see how else you can support Under the Hood (in-kind donations accepted too).

Our soldiers clearly need more care; the last thing they need is to be put into more harm's way. Even US military officers think so--Matthew Hoh resigned from the Foreign Service in protest of the lack of clear mission and achievable results in Afghanistan, and of course the Ft. Hood shooter was a Major who did not wish to be deployed to Afghanistan.

Yesterday, President Obama flew to Ft. Hood for the memorial service; today we can urge him to prevent future memorials by stopping the surge. Click here to send an email to Obama to say No More Troops in Afghanistan! If he does announce a surge, please plan to be in the streets in your community, whether with a noisy protest or a silent vigil denouncing the escalation and mourning those lost and wounded. To see the call to action from Veterans for Peace, click here.

Thank you for supporting our troops this Veterans Day the best way we know how--by bringing them home and giving them the care they deserve when they return.

In solidarity,
Dana, Emily, Farida, Gael, Gayle, Janet, Jodie, Marina, Medea, Nancy, Paris, Rae, Suzanne, and Whitney

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