2008 Close Guantanamo Actions

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Former Abu Ghraib guard says prisoners were treated even worse than was reported, The Capital Times, October 1, 2008

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CODEPINK Demands Congress to Restore Habeas Corpus and Repeal the Military Commissions Act!

People should not be tortured, abused or held indefinitely without charge, whether perceived guilty or innocent -- it's a violation of the United States Constitution and international law. In 2002, the Center for Constitutional Rights initiated litigation challenging the U.S. government's detention practices. In June 28, 2004, CCR was victorious in Rasul v. Bush, when the Supreme Court ruled that the detainees at Guantánamo have access to U.S. Courts to challenge their detention.Yet, the Administration has not complied.

We demand that the Bush Administration IMMEDIATELY:

• Make public all documentation of torture & abuse.

• Launch an independent investigation & hold those responsible accountable.

• Give all detainees a hearing in U.S. courts.

• Stop the practice of rendition: moving detainees abroad for torture.

January 11, 2008:

Miami, Florida & Washington DC

CODEPINK Demands the US to Close Guantanamo & Stop the Torture!
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On January 11, 2008, which began the seventh year of the incarceration of prisoners at the US Naval Base, Guantanamo, Cuba, CODEPINK joined Miami for Peace, Amnesty International, Veterans for Peace and other peace and social justice groups in the south Florida area in a two hour demonstration to close the Guantanamo prison and to end torture of prisoners there. Sixty persons demonstrated for two hours during the morning rush hour at one of the busiest intersections in Doral area of Miami, just blocks from the US Southern Command.

The Southern Command implements the prison policies for the Bush administration for prisoners from Afghanistan and Pakistan and other areas designated as a part of the “war on Terror.” Over 770 persons, 95 percent of whom were purchased, not captured by the US have been imprisoned in Guantanamo. After six years, 300 prisoners remain in Guantanamo and the Bush administration says that only 50-90 prisoners will be tried. Only one person in Guantanamo has pled guilty in a plea bargain with charges substantially reduced from the original.

After the two hour demonstration, the group marched to the gates of the US Southern command and stood in a vigil for thirty minutes. CODEPINKers Medea, Linda, Desiree Fooruz, Liz, Tighe, Nancy, Hillary, Holley and Nancy. Retired US Army Colonel Ann Wright, who had served at the US Southern command during her time in the military, called for military personnel assigned to the command to refuse to participate in illegal, criminal actions, such as torture and inhumane treatment of prisoners. This was the first time the police have given a permit to march to the gates of the command.