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For Youth & Students

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Action ideas for your school or local recruiting center

  • Leaflet – It is important to have on hand info about military myths, higher  education opportunities and funding, and opt-out forms for high school students and parents. Check out the links above for fliers and forms!
  • Copy brochures and ask to have them prominently placed wherever the military's propaganda is displayed.  If you're denied, call your local ACLU or National Lawyers Guild.
  • Hold a vigil and read the names of the troops who have lost their lives in the war in Iraq. Click here for a list of names of U.S. soldiers who have died in Iraq.
  • Hold a die-in to demonstrate in a nonverbal way the fatal consequences of war.
  • Take the ASVAB test and sue the federal government for violating your privacy rights.  Contact admin[at]  for more information about this campaign.
  • Find out when the ASVAB is being administered in your school. A few days before the test is given, circulate the answer sheet with the "Student Testing Program Privacy Statement."   See the PDF here
  • Go to the main office and attempt to opt yourself out of lists being forwarded to military recruiters.  Explain that Section 9528 of the No Child Left Behind Act says you have the right to do so.
  • Obtain a copy of a JROTC textbook in use in your school and photocopy some of the preposterous lies.  Distribute them to teachers, administrators, parents, and the media.
  • If the recruiting center is located in the heart of a busy urban/suburban area, organize a march to the center. Agree on a place to meet, bring banners and pink, and march in full force. You may want to do a mourning march and carry pink crosses or tombstones, or make a coffin prop.
  • Have a pink lemonade stand outside your local recruitment center or at your school with counter-recruitment information.  
  • Provide community education with interactive displays:
    • Set up an easel and make two columns: Military Recruitment Strategies and Reasons Youth May Join the Military; invite responses
    • List words that come to mind when thinking of "soldier," "war," and "recruiter"
    • Make parallels between recruiters and salespeople
  • Beautify your local recruiting station and school with PINK caution tape (or ribbons) and signs that read “PINK Peace Zone: Military Recruiters Not Allowed” or a “Not Your Solider” Zone for Peace
  • Set up an “Alternatives to the Military” booth with information on local alternatives to military service.  Click here for some examples
  • Deliver a pink slip to military recruiters at your school or the nearest recruiting station. Fire them on the counts that they violate their code of conduct by lying to enlistees. Let them know that they are not needed on your campus or in your community.
  • Call a CODEPINK alert! The term “code pink” was originally used in medical facilities to alert staff when a baby or child was abducted.  As CODEPINK: Women for Peace, the term “code pink alert” has embraced a whole new meaning to end war. Have a CODEPINK Alert at your local school, poking fun at the way military recruiters are trying to “steal” teens to enlist for war.  Lock down your school doors and caution tape a central area of campus called a "Military-Free Zone".