Protests at Canadian Consulates

On October 23rd, CODEPINK Women for Peace called for simultaneous actions around the country to raise awareness about peace activists and non violent protesters recently being turned away from entering Canada.

Meetings/press conferences were held outside of Canadian Consulates in SF, NY, DC, LA and Chicago to ask the Canadian government to not let the FBI and the Bush Administration dictate their entry policies and to stop denying peaceful, nonviolent protesters from entering the country.

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LA Press Conference & Petition Delivery
CODEPINK LA outside the Canadian Consulate, holding 15,000 signatures in our petition to the Canadian Government to let peace activists into their country.
CODEPINKERs decorate the wall and gates outside the LA Canadian Consulate with 15,000 signatures!
Photographer: Eric Engler
DC Press Conference & Petition Delivery
CODEPINK co-founder Medea Benjamin speaks in front of the Canadian Embassy in Washington on Oct 23rd. "We are appelaing to Canadians not to treat peaceful activists like common criminals," said Benjamin. "This marks an ominous change of course from the time Canada welcomed Vietnam veterans who were resisting the war to now a policy of barring peacemakers," she said. She gave the petitions to an official at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, while activists left copies at consulates in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago.
NYC Press Conference & Petition Delivery
Retired Col. Ann Wright, center, talks with Paul Roue, right, a deputy consul with the Canadian consulate during a press conference outside the consulate in New York, Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2007. Wright and CodePink activist Danna Balicki, left, delivered 15,000 signatures in a petition to Roue protesting Canada's policy of 'banning peace activists from entering the country if they have committed an act of civil disobedience.'
R Col. Ann Wright, holding a protest banner at the press conference in front of the Canadian consulate in New York, Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2007.
Retired Col. Ann Wright, center, prepares to deliver 15,000 protest signatures to Paul Roue, right, a deputy consul with the Canadian consulate, during a press conference outside the consulate in New York, Tuesday Oct. 23, 2007. The signatures are part of a petition to protest Canada's policy of 'banning peace activists from entering the country if they have committed an act of civil disobedience.'
Chicago Press Conference & Petition Delivery

The press conference speakers inclcuded the following:

Sue Eleuterio (NW Indiana CodePink Coordinator and Chicago Area CodePink member)

American Friends Service Committee Michael McConnell
(Executive Great Lakes Regional Director)

Christian Peacemaker Teams Reverend Dan Dale
(Reservist with Christian Peacemaker Teams)

CodePink Nina Klooster
(Chicago Area CodePink Coordinator and NW Indiana CodePink Coordinator)

Eighth Day Center for Justice Sister Mary Kay Flanigan
Voices for Creative Nonviolence Jeff Leys (Co-Coordinator)

Jeff Leys, Sue Eleuterio, Nina Klooster, Jim Frost
(Chicago Area CodePink and camera operator!)

Other participants:
Maurice Egan
Deputy Consul General & Senior Trade Commissioner, Canadian Consulate, Chicago, IL

A HUGE thank you to Rachel Herbener
Chicago Area CodePink Coordinator for organzing this event!!

San Francisco Press Conference & Petition Delivery

We had an action outside the Canadian Consulate in downtown SF this afternoon. About 10 people with colorful signs, one of them said; “Peacemakers are not Contraband”. We made up some songs—see below. Nancy and Toby went inside and the Consulate staff were expecting them and met. Nancy said the staff was friendly amd took the petitions.

Thanks to Toby and Nancy for organizing!

Our song:

(To the tune of Knockin' on Heaven's Door)

Mama, I've been protesting the war
Now I can't enter Canada anymore

Knock, knock, knockin' on Canada's door (x2)

Feels like the borders are closing down
It's turning my smile into a frown.

Knock, knock, knockin' on Canada's door (x2)
Can't you see what we're knocking for?

(natl anthem tune)
Oh Canada! Why won't you let us in?
Oh Canada! Peace is not a sin!

VIDEO of CODEPINK at Canadian embassy

Medea Benjamin Asks FBI Why She Can't Enter Canada

If you couldn't make it on October 23rd, you can still contact the consulate in your city and ask for a meeting.

  • Make an appointment: Tell the person who answers the phone that you are part of a peace delegation that would like to meet with a representative of the Canadian Consulate to present the names of the 10,000+ Americans and Canadians whot think it outrageous that the Canadian government is denying access to peaceful, nonviolent protesters. We are calling on the Canadian government to reverse its policy and extend a warm welcome to U.S. peacemakers and other social activists who use the time-honored tradition of engaging in civil disobedience as a way to change unjust policies. If you do get a meeting make sure to take some photos or videos that we can upload to this site!

  • Alert the media!  Download a sample press release to which you can add your specific info. You will have to delegate a person(s) to make follow up calls on the day of your meeting to enroll press to cover the action and don't forget to bring copies of the press release and a press sign-in to the event! And of course send the release and call any friendly reporters you know!

  • Hold a press conference! You can stage a press conference outside of the consulate either before or after your meeting (if you don't get an official meeting, just relay to the Consulate that you will be coming by to deliver petitions and make a statement on behalf of the 10,000+ Americans and Canadians that disagree with the current travel ban for peacemakers) with a big pink banner and a spokesperson that can articulate a few points as to why you are there. If you would like to stay and hand out fliers, that's great too.

Some banner suggestions:

  • Oh Canada! Stop Blacklisting Peace
  • Canada, Don't Bar Peacemakers
  • We Come in Peace! Don't Bar Peacemakers from Canada
  • Peace is Not a Crime!

To collect signatures at your meeting, download this sign-up sheet