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March is an exciting time to take action for peace in Washington DC and we hope you will join us for all or part of the month!

We’ll kick off the month with a national training and lobby day for justice in Palestine and Israel and a celebration of International Women’s Day, and then add a powerful PINK presence at events occurring around the 7th Anniversary of the War in Iraq later in the month.  It's simple: DC is THE place to be in March!  Sign up below to join us in DC!

For a detailed list of actions in March please click here.  In the sign up form below you can indicate which actions you plan to attend.  A red star denotes a required field.

Reserve your ticket for our March 20 Women Say No to War evening event with Eve Ensler here!

Housing info: If you are from out of town, you are responsible for finding lodging while in DC. You can post your housing needs, look for available housing, or offer housing, by visiting our Housing Board (check back soon - will be updated by February 7). The Pink House will be closed on March 1, 2010. The Grassroots Advocacy Training will have a block of hotel rooms reserved, which you can find out more about once you register through Interfaith Peace Builders.

In order to plan ahead, please fill out the following form:

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Will you be attending the Israel/Palestine Grassroots Advocacy Training (March 7-8)? Click here for more info and to register. NOTE: You MUST register with IFPB.

Are you interested in any specific events during March 6-9 in addition to the main conference?

Will you be in DC during the 7th Anniversary of the Iraq Occupation (March 19th-20th)?

Which actions during the 7th Anniversary of the Iraq Occupation do you plan to attend in DC?

Please list any special skills you’d like to contribute while you are in DC (i.e. banner making, press outreach, training, transportation, photography/videography, CODEPINK Store tabling, volunteering at evening events, etc.):
Will you contact your local media to alert them about your trip to DC to take action for peace?

Have you been to DC for national peace actions before?

Anything else you'd like to share with DC organizers?
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