Past Actions: 2006

Dr. Entisar Al-Arabi leading the march on March 8

  • On January 1st , CODEPINK launched Women Say No to War, an urgent appeal from the women of the United States, Iraq, and worldwide, and delivered 100,000 signatures to the White House.
  • In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, CODEPINK worked with various neighborhood groups in New Orleans to restore their communities.
  • On March 8, International Women's Day, we brought an Iraqi women's delegation to the U.S. to tour over 100 cities, educating Americans about the effects of the war on women.
  • CODEPINK mobilized its members for the United for Peace & Justice March in Washington DC, which brought together over 300,000 participants.
  • CODEPINK held an amazing 24-hour vigil in front of the White House to reclaim Mother's Day as a day to work for peace.
  • On July 4, CODEPINK & Gold Star Families launched an historic hunger strike called TROOPS HOME FAST, which lasted for 80 days with over 5,000 participants, some continue to fast.
  • In August of 2006, CODEPINK Peace Delegates traveled to Jordan to meet with members of the Iraqi Parliament and discuss the basics of a Reconciliation Plan.
  • While the fighting was still raging between Israel and Lebanon, CODEPINK traveled to Lebanon to witness the destruction, bring humanitarian aid and join the international call for ceasefi re.
  • 150 women gathered for the fi rst CODEPINK activist retreat in Austin,Texas, gaining new skills and networking with women from activist organizations around the country
  • CODEPINK participated for the second year in Camp Casey outside Bush's ranch in Crawford, TX, planting a beautiful garden for peace.
  • CODEPINK supported war resisters Suzanne Swift, Lt. Ehren Watada, Army Specialist Mark Wilkerson, Kyle Snyder and Agustin Aguayo in their courageous refusal to participate in the illegal war in Iraq.
  • By Election Day, we had collected 77,000 signatures for the Give Peace A Vote pledge to only support candidates for Congress or President who call for a speedy end to the war in Iraq.
  • CODEPINK traveled the country with our campaign Walk In Their Shoes, displaying empty shoes tagged with the names of Iraqis who have died. The display is a gripping reminder of the unspeakable pain and suffering of this war.
  • This year, CODEPINK tripled its membership, reaching a total of about 190,000 individuals and garnering over 300 local groups.