CODEPINK's Online Activism

Our Web Story...

As long as there has been a CODEPINK, there has been a CODEPINK website.

That first day in October, 2002, we registered and heralded it with a press conference. Our web capacity has been on a steep climb ever since. Pilar and Michelle Perez designed the original site in HTML. Larry Eason, who had worked with Jodie Evans when she ran Jerry Brown's presidential campaign, saved the day by introducing us to a user-friendly platform, Kintera, and an easier to communicate address: Lorinda Earl, who we met at a march, became our first webmistress.

Since then, our ever-expanding supporter base and round-the-clock, round-the-world actions have made web-based communication tools all the more imperative.

In 2005, the CODEPINK website began to offer more networking tools that enabled participatory campaigns built around local CODEPINK communities. As a result, our local groups could build their individual websites, upload blogs, comments, photos and reports on the national website, and access our email list for targeted campaigns within their hometowns.

Armed with these new tools, we launched our first micro-site in 2005: ONEMILLIONREASONS to end the war in Iraq. This successful drive spurred our decision to launch further campaign-driven micro sites, including Women Say No to War, Listen Hillary, Give Peace a Vote, and more recently, Don't Buy Bush's War. These micro sites have been highly effective, but we decided it was time to revamp the original site design and structure and integrate more intuitive and user-friendly navigation.

In 2007, we launched a new national website -- a dynamic mix of form and function -- which served our activist groups worldwide.

In 2008, we geared up for the national elections by creating and several corresponding micro-sites.

In early 2009, to better serve our overseas/Middle-East/ South Asian campaigns, we revamped and redesigned

In late 2010, we decided it would be timely to add new social networking tools to the national site and re-organize our campaigns according to the top issues that mattered most to CODEPINK peacemakers. The new site was launched in early January, 2011.

CODEPINK receives the 2008 Best Microsite Progressive Source Award!

July, 2008 -- Progressive Source Communications, the New York-based public interest digital marketing company, announced the winners of the Second Annual Progressive Source Award today. This year, CODEPINK's microsite: Don't Buy Bush's War won the Judges' Choice Awards Best Microsite.The Progressive Source Awards are sponsored by Progressive Source Communications to provide a repository of best practices that can instruct and inspire progressive organizations everywhere.

CODEPINK receives the 2007 MOST POPULAR Best Homepage Progressive Source Award! Thank you for your votes!

July, 2007 -- The Progressive Source Awards folks searched more than a thousand progressive advocacy and nonprofit Web sites to select nominees. They nominated CODEPINK's website for its use of the web to effectively spread our message with provocative videos, an arresting homepage and informative resources to motivate, educate and inspire. A “Most Popular Award” winner was also selected for each award category based upon votes of visitors to this site. More...