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1. Thank the Lonely Planet for removing Ahava! Lonely Planet published the new edition of its guide to Israel and the Palestinian Territories, and we were thrilled to see that the Ahava showroom is no longer listed as a recommended stop on a Dead Sea itinerary. More...

2. Thank Abigail Disney for her brave stand against Ahava by signing our e-card! In mid-July Abigal Disney announced that she was disowning her share of her family's investment in Ahava cosmetics. More...

3. Tell Macy's to stop carrying Ahava and SodaStream!
To honour Palestinian Land Day (March 30) we are asking you to contact Macy's, the department store and ask that they stop selling Ahava and SodaStream -- products made in illegal Israeli settlements. More...

4. Join us in sending a thank you note to The Bay for dropping Ahava! On January 12th, representatives of Canadian retailer The Bay acknowledged that the chain was no longer carrying cosmetics products from the Israeli company Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories, but said the “de-listing” was purely a business decision and not in response to any organized boycott. Whatever the reason for the decision, we applaud the fact that The Bay will no longer be supporting Ahava and its occupation profiteering, and we want to thank them for taking this stand. Send your thank you note now!


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