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#AHAVAreborn - Be part of the Culture Jam on Day 2!

May 12, 2011

Dear Supporter],

Yesterday Maureen Murphy at the Electronic Intifada wrote a blog post about Day 1 of our Ahave Boycott Culture Jam. Maureen said, “So many people have responded to this call, that I can't see any tweets that AREN'T about BDS and Israel's rights abuses when searching #AHAVAreborn on Twitter. AHAVA is having an increasingly hard time covering up its human rights blemishes.”

What is #AHAVAreborn all about? is sponsoring an Ahava Twitter contest and giving people a chance to win $300 worth of AHAVA's New Mineral Magical Skincare by tweeting with #AHAVAreborn. 

We've been busy tweeting the truth about AHAVA, will you join us for Day 2? 

Thanks to all of you who joined our online action team in getting the word out about Ahava's illegal practices and ugly occupation profiteering. There are a few pro-occupation Tweeps posting anti-BDS Tweets using the hashtags #stolenbeauty & #AhavaReborn. I would expect more of that tomorrow, but our team will continue Tweeting the Truth.

On to day two of the Culture Jam! 

Nancy K and the Stolen Beauty Team

Below a few new tweets, and feel free to come up with your own! 

Why does Ahava label its goods products of Israel when they're made in the Occupied West Bank? #AhavaReborn #StolenBeauty

Why is Ahava's factory in an illegal settlement in Occupied Palestine? That's not pretty. #AhavaReborn #StolenBeauty

Why are two illegal settlements funded by Ahava's sales? That's against international law, isn't it? #AhavaReborn #StolenBeauty


@birchbox Why are you selling cosmetics made on stolen land? See map #AhavaReborn #StolenBeauty

How is Ahava complicit in the sins of occupation?  #AhavaReborn #StolenBeauty #BDS @birchbox

Why is there a boycott campaign against Ahava? #AhavaReborn #StolenBeauty #BDS

Why have 10 rabbis signed onto a boycott against Ahava cosmetics? #AhavaReborn #StolenBeauty



#AhavaReborn What's pretty about occupation profiteering? Don't buy Ahava's #stolenbeauty #BDS

@birchbox Why are Ahava products made in a factory on stolen land? That's ugly. #AhavaReborn #stolenbeauty. #BDS

#AhavaReborn Ahava means love in Hebrew, but what's loving about #stolenbeauty? #BDS

@birchbox Why is Ahava's factory & visitors center in an illegal Israeli settlement? #Ahavareborn #stolenbeauty #BDS

Why do Ahava's profits subsidize two illegal Israeli settlements? That's ugly. #Ahavareborn #stolenbeauty @birchbox #BDS



#AHAVAreborn - new sheepskin, same wolf. Don't Buy Occupation profiteering. #stolenbeauty

#AHAVAreborn - new label, same illegal Israeli settlement goods #stolenbeauty

#AHAVAreborn is a Pandora's Box of illegal activity - don't buy it @BirchBox #stolenbeauty

Even Mineral Magic can't hide @AHAVA_US origins: Illegal Israeli Settlement #AHAVAreborn #bds #stolenbeauty

#AHAVAreborn contest promises $300 of #stolenbeauty - Occupation Isn't Pretty!

Tweet the truth about AHAVA's dirty secrets!

Tweet Now! 

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