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Letter from Linda Frank to Tara Darrow, Nordstrom’s Director of Public Relations
February 4, 2010
A consumer calls out Nordstrom for ostensibly valuing social responsibility while simultaneously supporting the Israeli occupation.

Letter to the Editor of Fortune Small Business
December 12, 2009
Stolen Beauty responds to article: “Turning Dead Sea Mud into Money” by discussing the illegality of “pillage” or “plunder” under international humanitarian law.

Publicist Letter
September 16, 2009
Stolen Beauty campaign manager writes about Ahava spokesperson Kristin Davis’ being suspended from Oxfam publicity work because the organization is against what they know are "settlement products."

Letter to AHAVA
July 15, 2009
CODEPINK launches boycott in letter to Ahava: “Until your company shuts down the factory in the occupied territory of the Palestinian West Bank, stops exploiting the natural resources of the occupied West Bank for profit, and stops using AHAVA profits to fund/subsidize Israeli Jewish settlements in the West Bank, we will be boycotting your products and educating the public about your illegal practices.”

Letter to Kristin Davis - 2
July 15, 2009
CODEPINK asks Kristin Davis to stop representing Ahava and notes what Oxfam says about deceptive packaging: "Consumers that are buying produce that are grown in illegal settlements need to have that information so that they can make an informed choice."

Letter to Kristin Davis - 1
June 6, 2009
First appeal to then Ahava spokesperson Kristin Davis’ conscience as a person who cares about the environment and animals, and who did great work as an Oxfam Goodwill ambassador.

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