Bashing an American Soldier

Dear Supporter,

I am absolutely appalled. Bowe Bergdahl is the US soldier who was just released from 5 years in captivity by the Taliban, and Fox News and other media outlets are brutally attacking him for questioning US military policies in Afghanistan.

Please sign our petition to Fox News to tell them to quit beating up an American soldier and his family, and tell the truth about the cost of war!

Fox News pushed for the US to go to war with Iraq and Afghanistan, and they say they support our troops. If they actually support our troops, they should be talking about the real cost of war–– lives lost, torture, indefinite imprisonment, assassin drones, night raids, billions of dollars missing, sole source contracts, and more. 

Bowe's concerns about the US in Afghanistan are now shared by the majority of Americans, many other soldiers, and veterans like me. Some soldiers who had the same concerns went AWOL upon returning home or filed for conscientious objector status, while most held their criticisms to themselves. Sgt. Bergdahl realized five years ago what the majority of Americans now acknowledge–– that U.S. involvement in Afghanistan must end. 

Please join me in supporting Sgt. Bergdahl and his family during these tough times. Tell Fox News to leave the Bergdahl family alone and report about the true cost of war! 

Onward toward peace,

Col. Ann Wright