Message from Iraqi Mothers


May 10, 2014

Dear Activist,

For this Mother's Day, we reached out to Iraqi mothers asking if they have a message to give to American mothers. Some brave Iraqi mothers shared powerful messages, full of love, hope and pain -- a pain that only someone who lost a son or a daughter to war can understand. Here is one: 

"My sister, American Mother. I say sister because we are sisters in humanity and we both lived through hard times imposed on us by your government under many false perceptions to justify its invasion of my country. What we lived through as mothers during and after this invasion took the lives of hundreds of thousands of our children.... We pray to God that you don’t have to go through such pain, and we hope that you, and history, will never forget what your government did to our country for no reason but to destroy it and exploit its resources." -May Al Sharbati

Please take a moment now to send your own message to an Iraqi mother–– let them know we have not forgotten their pain and sorrow.

One of the Iraqi women who wrote a message is Sundus Saleh Shaker, a single mother of 5 children. CODEPINK is supporting Sundus in her pursuit of justice with a class-action lawsuit against the Bush administration for war crimes. Read the letter from Sundus and those from other Iraqi mothers on our special Mother's Day tribute site to Iraqi mothers. Help us spread their voices far and wide by sharing the page with your friends and family.

Help us work for peace and for justice for the Iraqi people. And remember the original Mother's Day proclamation, a call to end war that said: "We women of one country will be too tender of those of another
country to allow our sons to be trained to injure theirs."

In celebration of all the mothers of the world,

Alli, Cayman, Farah, Ikram, Holly, Janet, Jodie, Kate, Lisa, Medea, Nancy, Sara, Sergei and Tighe