Are you on the Kill List?


May 7, 2014

Dear Activist,

While David Barron was a lawyer at the Justice Department, he authored secret legal memos approving drone strikes, including the one that provided the legal basis for the killing of a US citizen.

Now, Barron has been appointed to the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals, but some Senators are threatening to vote against him unless they can see all memos he has written on drones. Contact your Senators now and tell them to block consideration of the nomination of David Barron unless the memos are made available to the public, too (as called for by Senator Mark Udall).

It’s disturbing that the man responsible for legally authorizing the assassination of a US citizen overseas is now being considered for the Court of Appeals. The American public deserves to know the legal basis for being put on the administration’s “Kill List.” Could you be on that list?

It’s time for more transparency so we know what is being done in our name. Tell your Senators that the memos should be made public now!

Onward towards a world free of killer drones,

Alli, Cayman, Farah, Ikram, Janet, Jodie, Kate, Lisa, Medea, Nancy, Sara, Sergei and Tighe

PS: You don’t want to miss this anti-drone action video that is going viral: They said ‘I do,’ then something shocking happened….