Tell Dropbox to Drop Condi!

April 28, 2014

Dear Activist,

Dropbox this month appointed Condoleezza Rice to the company’s board of directors. Dropbox provides private cloud storage services.

The appointment is disturbing! Rice, a strong proponent of wireless wiretapping, signed off on the Patriot Act that violates our civil liberties by limiting the privacy of individuals in the US. This seems like a conflict of interest given that Dropbox promotes itself as a trustworthy cloud service on which people can share their documents.

Sign the petition to Dropbox CEO Drew Houston to Drop Condi!

Her role as National Security Advisor and later Secretary of State pushed the US to invade the sovereign nation of Iraq, a move that ultimately cost $3 trillion US dollars, the loss of nearly 4,000 US troops (hundreds wounded), and more than 100,000 Iraqi lives. Imagine what damage her judgement will bring to your company that you have built and worked so hard on.

On April 14, we delivered an open to the Dropbox headquarters in San Francisco. Read the letter! Watch the video! Now we want to petition the company to drop Condi! Join in and sign the petition!

For transparency and accountability!
Jodie, Nancy, Farah and CODEPINK