Bill Gates: Divest from Israeli Prison Security!


April 17, 2014

Dear Activist,

Today is Palestinian Prisoners Day, a day of solidarity with the 5000+ Palestinian men, women and children who are being held in Israeli dungeons.

Human rights organizations have documented widespread torture occuring in Israeli prisons, and prisoners are often held without trial indefinitely. They are subjected to severe overcrowding, insufficient quality and quantity of food, medical neglect, isolation, and regular attacks from Israeli Special Forces.

The private security company G4S is at the heart of this system, installing and running security systems at Israeli jails. In June 2013, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation purchased shares in G4S worth $172m, making it one of the company’s biggest shareholders. Tell Bill Gates to divest now!

Help us flood the
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 Why is the Gates Foundation profiting from Israel's prison system? Divest from G4S now!

You can also support the campaign by sharing the link to the petition:, and sharing one of the #StopG4S graphics on the CODEPINK Facebook page ("Like" us while you're there!).

With a personal wealth of $76 billion dollars, Bill Gates was just named the richest man in the world. Tell him it's time to stop investing in torture and human rights abuses.

In solidarity with Palestinian political prisoners,
Nancy, Alli and the CODEPINK team