February 28, 2014

Dear Activist,


This weekend the powerful Israel lobby AIPAC is meeting in Washington DC to reaffirm its pro-occupation, pro-war-with Iran agenda. Please take a minute now to drop AIPAC officials a message: Tell them you want US policy to focus on diplomacy--not war with Iran--and human rights for everyone, including Palestinians!

AIPAC has been pushing for legislation to tighten Iran sanctions, a move that would sabotage the nuclear talks and jeopardize the safety of all countries in the region. We can’t let this happen. Contact AIPAC today!

While AIPAC is meeting in Washington, we’ll be outside protesting at Boycott AIPAC with our partners Students for Justice in Palestine, US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, Jewish Voice for Peace, Food Not Bombs DC, and more. Join the action on Twitter–– check out all of these sample tweets!

After that, a CODEPINK delegation is going to Gaza on March 8 for International Women's Day. Our delegation of 20 women will be joining a wonderful coalition of 100 women from around the world. Hosted by Palestinian non-governmental organizations, we’ll show our support for the women of Gaza and deliver solar lamps to help them cope with severe electricity shortages. We thank those of you who donated (or would like to donate) to help us bring more solar lamps.

After years of being in control of our Congress, AIPAC is finally losing its grip. AIPAC lost its campaign to drag the US military into the Syria conflict and we must make sure it loses its campaign to drag us into a war with Iran. Tell AIPAC that you believe in non-violent solutions to the Middle East conflicts, and they should too!

Onward toward peace in the Middle East,
Alli, Cayman, Janet, Jodie, Kate, Katie, Lisa, Medea, Nancy K, Nancy M, Sara, Sergei, and Tighe

PS: AIPAC is threatening to sue CODEPINK for this parody video of their 2014 Policy Conference. Watch it and help spread it far and wide. Sometimes the truth hurts!