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August 27, 2013

Dear Supporter,

News that the NSA has the whole planet under surveillance, snooping in our phone calls, email and online activity set off constitutional alarms. But here's another shock: the huge amount of tax money flowing through the Pentagon budget to the NSA and its private contractors!

We spy billions of dollars last year being paid to corporations like Edward Snowden's former employer Booz Allen Hamilton. Booz got a whopping 99% of
its revenue from the federal government in fiscal 2013, supplying a powerful profit motive to trample on our 4th amendment right to be free from search and seizure without due process.  Massive spending on “security and surveillance” since 9/11 has drained the Treasury while failing to prevent tragedies like the Boston marathon bombing. Help us tell Booz that spying on all Americans is unconstitutional and unacceptable by emailing the CEO and other employees of Booz Allen Hamilton.

How else could the $5.7 billion Booz got from U.S. taxpayers last year have been better spent? Read CODEPINK co-founder Medea Benjamin's great article on 10 ways to reduce the terror threat against Americans.

Push back against using U.S. tax dollars to fund the erosion of our privacy! Send the CEO and other employees of Booz Allen a strong message.

We pledge to continue spying budget secrets, and shining the light on spying contractors like Booz Allen.

Truthfully yours,

Alli, Amanda, Heidi, Kelleen, Janet, Jodie, Lisa, Medea, Nancy K, Nancy M, Natalie, Noor, Roqayah, Sergei, and Tighe

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