Press and blog mentions of launch of "Stolen Beauty" Ahava boycott campaign

August 11th, 2009

The Real News: Stolen Beauty

The Nation: Who profits from Israeli occupation?

YNetNews: CODEPINK protest calls for Ahava boycott

The Washington Post: Day in photos Pink ladies

"Wakeup Call" WBAI 95.5 FM (begins halfway through): Rae Abileah speaks on "Stolen Beauty" boycott of Ahava cosmetics (beauty blog): Cosmetics Company In Crosshairs of Anti-War Group

The Jewish Star (Long Island newspaper): Spread the love Action group launches boycott campaign against Ahava Cosmetics

Ma'an News Agency: CODEPINK continues boycott campaign against Ahava Dead Sea products

Pink Darling (beauty blog): Peace Group Boycott Campaign of Israeli Ahava Cosmetics

International Solidarity Movement (blog): Stolen Beauty: the struggle for a just peace in the Middle East coming to a store near you

Jews Sans Frontieres: Boycott Ahava products and cosmetics

The Palestine Media Center (PLO affiliate): CODEPINK: Boycott Campaign Against Israeli Ahava Dead Sea Products Continues

The Progressive Mind: Women's Peace Group Launches Boycott Campaign of Israeli Ahava Cosmetics