Past Actions 2005

Holiday Caroling, December 2005
In the true spirit of the holiday, on December 11th and 18th we went caroling CODEPINK-style! We had a songbook of pro-peace songs and very stylish pink Santa hats (courtesy of Robin). We seranaded the shoppers outside of Marshall Field's on State Street as well as the patrons of the Art Institute. And we had a blast doing it!


Stop the Torture Action with Medea Benjamin November 16, 2005
Chicago Area CODEPINK had the priveledge and honor of hosting Medea Benjamin on November 15-16 2005.
On Tuesday (11/15), we hosted Medea and her book signing at Unity Temple. We had a table full of CodePINK gear, including books, buttons, scarves, sling-back purses, and so on. You gals all ROCK!
On Wednesday (11/16), oh what fun we had on Wednesday!  The planning party was more fun than you can imagine. We decided on the theme of  “Stop Torture Now”, tying it into Bush saying “We Don’t Torture” and Cheney wanting to exempt the CIA from the anti-torture bill.



October 27 Banner Drop
The banner in the first photo reads "Peace is Patriotic" and the banners in the second photo read "Make Levees Not War" and "Peace is Patriotic". Each one is over 16 feet long.  The response to them was fantastic.  Lots and lots of honks, peace signs and thumbs up.  People were opening their sun roofs and windows in the rain to give us a peace sign or a thumbs up.

Mobilization in DC, September 23-26, 2005
What an amazing time we had in DC! The fellowship, actions, rallies, and marches were awe-inspiring and heart warming. Members of Chicago Area CODEPINK paddled in the Tidal Basin, participated in the silient candle-light vigil at Walter Reed Army Hospital, were a part of the Women's Convergence, marched to the White House, and lobbied their representatives. Never underestimate the power of pink! We have many pictures to share with you. Enjoy!


Meet with Cindy, August 10, 2005
On a hot and humid August 10th, Chicago Area CODEPINK joined other pro-peace groups let George Bush know what we think of the War in Iraq. Bush was in Aurora at the Caterpillar plant signing a transportation bill. More than a dozen Chicago Area CodePINK members came out early in the morning with signs and banners to protest Bush, support Cindy Sheehan's vigil at Camp Casey, and to protest the war in Iraq. Some Chicago Area CodePINK members drove to Aurora from the city while others came from the western suburbs. We made our presence known at the gate to the Caterpillar plant and at one point, we saw Bush's helicopter fly over our heads. It was a successful day for CodePINK and other groups that BIRDDOG BUSH. Many, many thanks to those who particpated. And a special thanks to Whitney and Tiffany at CodePINK for all the help!


Banner Drop, July 22, 2005
Chicago Area CodePINK joined other peace groups in getting the attention of motorists! We staked out our overpass and unfurled a banner that said what was in our hearts: Troops Home Now! and Bush Lied, They Died. We were gratified at the cacaphony of horns honking in support of our statement. Yes, indeed, the tide is turning. But before you can hang a banner, you have to make a banner. Betsy hosted a small group with brushes and paint, and we put together two banners for our first banner drop on Friday. We had a lot of fun and were proud of our efforts. Here are some photos of Betsy, Elham, Camille, and Robin, and our two banners.


July 4th Parade, July 4, 2005
We do love a parade!
At the Arlington Heights parade, the skies were clear and the sun was shining.


Pride Parade, June 26, 2005
Chicago Area CodePINK joins in Chicago's Pride Parade. The contingent, sponsored by the Gay Liberation Network (GLN), had as its theme "Healthcare NOT Warfare." The Chicago Pride Parade is now Chicago's second largest annual parade, and this year attracted over 400,000 participants and spectators. The CodePINK marchers were greeted very enthusiastically by the exuberant crowd.


Stop the Genocide in Darfur, 2005
The genocide in Darfur is a tragedy of unspeakable proportions. Here is a personal message from Medea Benjamin: "Genocide in our time is unacceptable. It runs counter to every religion, philosophy, and creed of decency. Our government should be doing everything in its power to stop the suffering, stop the pain, stop the violence." To learn more, go to UPDATE 6/27/05: Governor Rod Blagojevich has signed into law SB 23 which divests the state pension and retirement funds of any holdings of companies that do business with the republic of Sudan. The protest against the genocide in Darfur has had a major victory. Illinois is the first state to put this into law!!


Kickoff Event for Chicago Area CODEPINK 2005
These pictures were taken at the kick-off event for Chicago's CODEPINK chapter, which coincided with a stop on Jodie Evans' book tour. A small but hardy group, including several AFSC activists, came together to engage in a counter-recruitment action at a Cinco de Mayo festival on Chicago's south side, where it was anticipated that recruiters would be on hand to prey on the largely Hispanic and African-American crowd. We were there at the beginning of the several day events when the crowd was still sparse, and the recruiters weren't in evidence, but we had some great conversations -- with children, youth, and adults--and handed out dozens of GWB Report Cards. Response to our presence and our posters was overwhelmingly enthusiastic.


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