December 28, 2006


To bring the
Mandate for Peace to Congress & join CODEPINK in Washington DC,
Jan 27-29!

Dear [[supporter.First_Name]],

On the cusp the new year, we look back at the CODEPINK highlights of 2006 with both pride and renewed resolve. As CODEPINK co-founder Medea Benjamin reminds us, 2006 has given us many reasons to hope.

While working on our New Year's Revolution Resolutions here at CODEPINK, we managed to obtain the New Year's resolutions of some high profile women from Hollywood to Washington, DC. We were happily surprised to find some newly minted peace activists among the lot! Here's a sampling:

Paris Hilton--Change catch phrase from "That's hot" to "That's hot pink. CODEPINK."

Britney Spears--Order Peace Panties Three-Pack.
Condaleeza Rice--Clean out closet. Donate more shoes to Walk in Their Shoes campaign.
Hillary Clinton--Listen to the people. Really listen, for a change.
Laura Bush--Tell George no nookie until the troops come home.

Pretty cool, huh?!
We encourage you to come up with your own New Year's Revolution Resolutions.
Here are some suggestions:

Join CODEPINK in Washington, DC from January 27-29 to bring the Mandate for Peace to Congress.
Pressure your congressperson to stop funding the war.
Get more involved in your local CODEPINK group (or start one, yourself!).
Reach out to someone different from yourself and talk to her about why you
believe we need to end the war in Iraq.
Write one letter to the editor every month.
Research an issue that deeply touches you (whether it's helping Iraqi women, reducing your negative impact on the earth, ending military recruitment in local schools, or any other issue), and use this awareness and passion to work for change.

Click here to tell us your own New Year's Revolution Resolution. We look forward to being inspired by your ideas!

Here's to celebrities in peace panties and lasting peace in the world in 2007!

Peace and love,
Dana, Farida, Gael, Gayle, Jodie, Liz, Medea, Nancy, Patricia, Rae, Samantha, and Sonia

P.S. While we are about the reach the grim milestone of 3,000 US soldiers killed in Iraq, George Bush is talking about sending even more troops. Please join us in commemorating the soldiers' deaths, and tell your congressperson “Don't send more troops. Bring them home now!

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